Nad propastyu neraskrytyh tayn

NA nA over the years in the fields of England during sozrevaniya loaves nablyudalos strange sight. Suddenly one night za ears nA field polegali, obrazuya drawing in the form of certain geometric shapes. Chasche of these were circles or Rings, connected to one another Absolute smooth polosami. Poluchalis svoeobraznye drawings of polegshego hleba of pristine, vertically, standing ears.

No one could explain the origin of these unusual izobrazheny, kak would otshtampovannyh with neba nA level gladi grain fields, apparently, for a bird's Specials obzora poleta. Farmers were surprised, fully isklyuchaya application of human hands to this extraordinary creativity — dazhe trail protoptannoy of ears not suschestvovalo. NA field priezzhali poglazet urban residents, but dalshe that it did not go — the explanation is not rozhdalos.

Consult a history. It turned out that Angliysky folk zapisyah 1618 years have upominanie about some krugah, miraculously vytoptannyh nA cereal fields. There were similar nablyudeniya chuda and dokumentah 1,680 years. A two tapes kruga, obnaruzhennye in England, PARTITIONS Salisbury, in 1914, sohranyayutsya to this day.

It was tak to leta 1972 years, poka amerikansky radiozhurnalist Brays Bond and several of his friends soprovozhdavshih porazitelnoe not have seen the phenomenon. Nad field appeared zavis UFO. He was released towards the ground beam of colored light. Poslyshalsya stranny whistling noise, and ears as if by komande perished in a specific order, razvorachivayas on Earth by chasov direction. What he saw a miracle stalo leaked to the press. "Tak's otkuda zagadochnye drawings" — razneslos around the world. Sensatsiya!

UFO pictures were nazvanie "piktogramm." Their number is growing rapidly, not only in England where piktogrammami zainteresovalis in the first place, but also in other stranah and kontinentah. It turned out that in Japan there are piktogrammy nA rice fields. In Italii and Brasil — among kustarnikov. Moreover, a team of geologists from the Cambridge universiteta that rabotali in gorah Afganistana, obnaruzheno in gorah over 30 laps, piktogramm in deep snow.

But byvayut, okazyvaetsya, circles and nA ice. 7 yanvarya 1990 years harkovchanin Vorontsov obnaruzhil nA ice zamerzshey River Mzy under Harkovom, otpechatok Rings diametrom 20.7 m Before that have seen flat shaybu glowing UFO. A nemka Sharlotta Vyusthoff during poleta nA passazhirskom samolete nad deserted PARTITIONS Egipta nA Krasnogo sea shore uvidela clear piktogrammy, akkuratno vyrisovannye nA sand.

From this we can conclude sdelat that piktogrammy to play not obyazatelno nuzhdayutsya in wheat field. They nuzhna gladkaya surface vylozhennaya of edinoobraznyh elements: ears, snowflakes or grains of sand, the external impact nA that apparently identical for all sluchayah.

IMPORTANT note another. If the first izobrazheniya were simple and krugami koltsami strictly geometric form, za last years figures krayne complicated, predstavlyaya of themselves zamyslovatoe sochetanie several vzaimosvyazannyh figures. Inogda — izobrazhenie multileaf tsvetka in a circle, inogda strannoe izobrazhenie izvivayuscheysya snakes, or delfina or cherepahi or dazhe running people room.

Looking nA these izobrazheniya, kazhetsya likely that they sdelany razumnym being. Here kak opisyvaet his feelings of meetings with piktogrammoy Author of the book "Circles nA wheat fields" Colin Andrews: "Nikogda in my life have I seen takogo. Ostaviv mashinu nA side, I went down to the field and through dvadtsat minutes was outside the community. The spectacle of me porazilo: chetkaya symmetry uzora and what kakim obrazom were stacked wheat ears. All this made an incredible vpechatlenie. I could not pridumat ratsionalnoe explanation for this, but chuvstvoval that prikasayus grandioznomu to something. "

The study of large piktogramm now privlekaet CAUTION serious scientists. According to some of them, piktogrammy (other length of over 150 m) could be reproduced only with the help of cybernetic mashin. Naibolee interesna in dannom sluchayah piktogramma, obnaruzhennaya in England nA field Mendlbrote. It is difficult chrezvychayno sochetanie circles and geometric shapes, of course, the brainchild of cybernetics.

Source: Inomir.Ru

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