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Gone are the days when the nurse was only in the families of the new Russian. Now in every tenth Russian family has nanny. This means that every tenth parent thinks about how it feels baby alone with a stranger.

How not to make a mistake in choosing a "second mother"? After all, at stake is not only the safety of property and apartments, but most importantly — the health (physical and psychological) of the most expensive man.

It would seem that agency recruitment of domestic staff — a good way out of this situation. After all, it should be responsible for the actions of their employees. But it turns out that not all agencies verify the authenticity of diplomas and references from previous employers, let alone the medical certificates and other documents and say nothing. The Agency assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by a nanny or housekeeper, arguing that you can choose yourself a helper from a range of candidates. Now disentangle themselves and …

Expect, alas, we have to only for themselves.

The handiwork of drowning

So, let's say you're in search of babysitting and have not decided to choose. That should alert you to the declaration or in a telephone conversation with the future of Mary Poppins?

  • Phrases such as "I worked in the market, and now tired, I want to nurse" or "I have a daughter to raise, really need the money." For some reason, many job babysitting is a such a sinecure — do not do anything, know yourself, watch TV, but rest, and the child himself himself occupation will. At the same time nanny salary demand is not so small — from 500 to 1000 $.
  • Potential nurse asks you details on how will you pay her way, holiday pay, extra hours, food, and not a word — of the child (age, character, habits, favorite activities, etc.)

The next step — a pre-selection. Let's say you call the nurse like you invited her to meet and spend some time with your child in your presence. At this stage:

  • Check out the recommendations that the nurse has received from the previous employer. Alas, this is not always possible, the recommendations can be written nurse's girlfriend. Still, do not be lazy to call former employers.
  • Volunteered for the nurse to visit home. This visit may also be useful. Family and home are often told about a man much more than he does in the interview.

After a week or two, you can already do the preliminary conclusions that correspond to your babysitter. Note the alarming symptoms:

  • The child does not delight in the arrival of baby-sitting, whining, hiding behind her mother.
  • Babysitting Crouch in front of you and cheating on the little things. For example, suspiciously describes in detail how interested Vovochka hour and a half listening to the new book (which you then discover pressed up to the most distant shelf). One mother, for example, by tying a knot hat child cunning. Wear a hat could only be untied this knot. Nanny claimed that she was walking with the baby, meanwhile nodule was in the same place. Lies, even small things, very unpleasant. And in all that relates to the child, it is simply dangerous. As they say, once lied …
  • At the interview, the nurse claimed that owns a variety of methods of early development, and now keeps telling you that it is continuously engaged with the baby cubes Zaitseva, speech therapy patters while training fine motor skills. However, you can see that the child did not appear any new skills, he has not learned anything new.
  • You get the feeling that the child is something wrong. Even if there is no rational explanation for this, maternal instinct — something very strong, can not be ignored, often behind it there are real grounds.

Means of Verification

If the parental heart is restless, feel free to check the nurse. When it comes to the health and safety of your child, it is justified.

Most simple how to verify that do not require additional costs and equipment:

  • Come home after school, unexpectedly.
  • Ask neighbors or other moms on the playground to pay attention to your new nanny. As she deals with the kid, what does a walk?
  • Talk to the child himself, if he is, of course, already knows how to talk. By the way, the children are much easier to express their feelings and impressions are not in the conversation, and in the game. Some evening or weekend play with the baby, "a nanny", selecting appropriate for this dolls or men from the designer. Just do not interrupt it and it does not impose its own line, let the crumbs yourself the opportunity to express themselves in the game. It helps to know the game a lot of interesting details about life.

Methods Technical — more complex, but more informative.

  • Set the recorder at home. Normal cassette will not work — it records a maximum of one hour. Digital recorders can work 10-12 hours, and the function "write" they included only the sound, so you do not have to then listen to the silence.
  • Use your cell phone to feature automatic answering. He turned with a very quiet signal or no sound at all, and you can hear what's going on near the phone.
  • Install the webcam on the computer to which any time you can connect over the Internet. However, it requires some technical conditions: you must have a dedicated circuit with good speed transmission capable to broadcast live video. Moreover, the same channel should not only be in your apartment, but in the place where you will be staying.
  • Apply to a firm that specializes in monitoring the nurses. For our country, this is a relatively new phenomenon, yet in Europe and America, such firms exist from the beginning of the nineties. Their decades of experience says that after checking employers laid off 65-70% of nurses and governesses.

Detective in crib

Such companies typically offer two types of services:

  1. Specialists will come to your home and even before the start of the day your nanny install invisible wireless security cameras that will work for 10-12 hours — the entire working day. Then the equipment will be mounted, cassette carefully review and show you the most characteristic moments, and you already own will decide whether the behavior is acceptable to you or not babysitting. This service costs about $ 300-400.
  2. If you already have a home video surveillance system, but there is no way to browse for hours recording, then the firm will do it for you (scan and analyze), and again introduce you with the results. Price — $ 10 hour recording.

Of course, my mother, who has established a close spiritual contact with the child, and without the camcorder feel something was wrong. But if you have something seriously disturbing, your right — to arrange a test. From a legal point of view, this is not an invasion of privacy of your nanny, because while at work, she engaged in social activities.

But that did not end the conversation on a sad note, we want to give hope — there is also a good nanny, and it's not such a rarity. The main thing when choosing a child care — not so much to evaluate regalia and services, and the extent to which they are right for your child.

Inessa Smyk

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