NASA considers the most dangerous asteroid 1999 RQ36


The asteroid 1999 RQ36, which in 2182 will approach the Earth, after the "cancellation" of the threat of Apophis and other asteroids become the premier potentially dangerous object of this kind of well-known scientists, the head of Near-Earth Object Program at NASA's Lindley Johnson.

Speaking at the International Conference on the Protection of asteroids and comets in the state of Arizona, Johnson said that in recent years, NASA managed to "send to retire," two asteroids, which are believed could threaten Earth — asteroid 2011 AG5 and 2004 MN4, more known as Apophis.

"At the moment, most likely related to the potential threat of asteroid 1999 RQ36 in 2182 and a year (when he comes closer to the Earth)", — said Johnson.

He noted that NASA plans to send to the asteroid 1999 RQ36 in 2018 probe OSIRIS-REx, which will measure the strength of the so-called Yarkovsky effect — the shift of the asteroid as a result of the heating of one side the sun. This will allow scientists to accurately assess the risk of this and other asteroids to Earth.

Dzhonon RIA Novosti said that the list of potentially dangerous objects in the asteroid by this greatest likelihood of a collision. According to him, this probability is still very small.

Infrared sensors NEOCam tool for future space telescope "hunter" of asteroids have passed technical tests, NASA said in a statement.

NEOCam is a draft of a new space telescope to detect potentially hazardous asteroids and other near-Earth objects, in this capacity, he must change finished his "career" telescope WISE. Place the telescope its developers offer the so-called Lagrange point L1 of the Earth-Sun.

Test results will be published in Journal of Optical Engineering. As reported at the Conference on the Protection of the NEO hazard research project leader Amy Mainzer, successfully passed the tests indicate that the authors of the project "ready to submit its application for the next round of funding" from NASA.

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