NASA scientists want to capture an asteroid

NASA scientists want to capture an asteroid and build on it space station

Specialists of the American space agency NASA for the first time in the history of space research have developed a strategy to capture and control the asteroid.

"Researchers at NASA's future plan to capture an asteroid weighing 500 tons, put it in lunar orbit and to build a space station, where astronauts will be able to make a refueling stop on the way to Mars," — says the publication.

Department of Science and Technology Policy United States will soon consider a plan for the development of this ambitious project. According to preliminary estimates, the initial stage (the first 10 years), it will cost U.S. $ 2.6 billion feasibility study of the project prepared by experts NASA and the California Institute of Technology.

While scientists are trying not to dwell on the details of their ideas. However, it is known that a special capsule to capture the asteroid will withdraw into space by an Atlas 5 rocket. She will direct object in the space between the Earth and the Moon. When the asteroid will approach a sufficient distance to the capsule, it will release a kind of bag that exceeds the diameter of 50. This network should be literally wrapped around the asteroid.

Capturing the cosmic body capsule, the unit will launch a powerful engine and stop the asteroid, and then move it to the gravity-neutral spot. Then it will be possible to plan the construction of the base.

It is reported Newsru.

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