NASA was frightened of the new film




NASA recommended that its employees do not speak without special needs in respect of the film "The Day After Tomorrow" (The Day After Tomorrow), which describes the climate disaster.

On the script of the film due to global warming disrupted the circulation of warm ocean currents, and suddenly entered a new ice age. Scientists believe Space Agency fears that moviegoers after watching the film may wonder why the Bush administration pays insufficient attention to climate change.

According to the website of the newspaper New York Times, originally a circular prohibiting communication with the press was sent out by e-mail fellow at the Center Goddard Space Flight Center, one of the structures NASA, even on April 1.

But last week, NASA has relaxed its stance — not actively encouraging comments, the agency is ready to offer his opinion of experts who could explain outlined in the film catastrophic predictions from the point of view of science. A few days ago it was announced that NASA scientists have prepared a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the sudden climatic changes, but the publication of this information has not yet received the approval of management.

The movie "The Day After Tomorrow" set Roland Emmerich ("Godzilla," "Independence Day") at the film studio 20th Century Fox. The scenario often described the situation unfavorable to the political establishment: that the presidential motorcade is frozen in an instant; then vice-president, Dick Cheney, reminiscent, shrugs off warnings, despite the growing chaos, the United States and humble forced to beg Mexico to let themselves American refugees fleeing from the advancing glaciers.

In the starring Dennis Quaid, whose character works paleoclimatology (researcher of climate change in the past) to the National Administration National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA). Special piquancy of the situation makes it that in real life, the Bush administration is going to significantly reduce the cost of the program on paleoclimatology within NOAA, which was started under President Bush.

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