Navy received the Ka-62 in two years. Command of the Navy to formulate requirements for Helicopter Deck NEW

Navy received the Ka-62 in two years. Command of the Navy to formulate requirements for Helicopter Deck NEW
Naval Fleet in 2014 perceive adopted marine version of the Ka-62 «Killer Whale». Basically fleet headquarters «News» said that the tactical and technical requirements for new cars will be ready by the end of the year today. Helicopters will position on small ships, namely Project 20380 corvettes (displacement 2.5 tons). On corvettes with great difficulty placed standard deck Ka-27.
Source fleet headquarters basically says that under the Ka-27 requires a large hangar.
— It weighs 12 tons and at a height greater than 5 m, because it has two screws. On ships with a displacement of less than 3 tons of huge hangars exacerbate seaworthiness and stability. When the excitement of the ship just 5 points can roll — he explained.
According to him, such problems are common to all corvettes 20380 — «Guarding», «Courageous», «savvy». Their hangar occupies 50% of the ship’s superstructure. Yes, and you can not turn away from the helicopter, because only they are struggling with excellent submarines.
— Corvettes and drifters need light helicopters. French their «stealth» frigate «Lafayette» equip light «Panthers» As656. They only 4 m in height and weigh a little more than 4 tons Frenchmen another step design realized that a helicopter hangar languid make the vehicle unstable, — continued the head officer of the Navy Headquarters.
He also explained that the entire fleet of helicopters that can offer Russian vertoletostroiteli ideally suited Ka-62. He doubled easier Ka-27 and weighs 6 tons, down 1.5 m With all this in «Orcas» wide fuselage, in which just fit antisubmarine equipment, including sonar descent.
Tactical and technical requirements fleet will give the company «Kamov» by early next year. In the JSC «Kamov» said that on his own initiative began developing deck variant Ka-62.
— He will have folding rotor blades and tail. On-board equipment is not yet clear. If you need funds for anti-submarine warfare, for example sonar, hauled down sonar antisubmarine torpedoes, you will have to work hard. But nothing is impracticable, — said «Izvestia» representative office.
According to the plans of manufacturers, the first flight to land variant Ka-62 held in 2013, later he will go in the series. But the ability to make the Ka-62 anti-ranging marine pilots themselves. One of them said, «Izvestia» that this very small helicopter to combat submarines.
— French Maritime «Panther» is not multi-purpose. We must choose — or rescue shock. In the first case, the «Panther» carries two rocket launchers, machine guns, transports landing. Armed rescue winch her comfortable cabin accommodation for the wounded, — says the officer.
He added that the French version of ASW helicopter sonar sonar and falls immediately in the case does not stand up, and yet still need to be fixed on the outer suspension torpedo. Because such modifications at the moment. Interlocutor «Izvestia» ranges that all anti-submarine equipment will fit in the «Killer Whale», and states that there is no room for a strong winch, so that rescue version is also questionable.

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