Near Arkhangelsk burning peat


Photo press service emergency department of the Arkhangelsk region

19.07.11.Zhiteli Arkhangelsk in the last few days more often complain about the smoke.

Near the town of forest fires are localized, but the difficulty is that burning peat bogs, which are extremely difficult to extinguish.

This was announced today at a press conference told the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Arkhangelsk region Yuri Trubin.

According to him, one of the largest of these fires — an area of 68.5 hectares — is currently operating near the airport Talagi. The fire is located, its development there, but get rid of the smoke is not yet possible.

"This fire involved 70 people, three fire engines, three pumps. The depth of about five feet there, so now is the so-called water-cut peat, spilling water. Threat to either the airport or relay service not "- said Yuri Germanovich.

Over the weekend, in order to prevent in the traditional places for townspeople, according to the minister, made several trips. The reviewers point out that not all the campers know that in the region there is a ban on visits forests. Through the regional police department to the citizens for violating the ban is on the order of 100-120 minutes per week.

Anna Lunev


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