Near Novosibirsk introduced first stage of the logistics park Tolmachevo

Novosibirsk. March 5.

IQ Property Management Company has commissioned near Novosibirsk first logistics center "Logistics Park" Tolmachevo "the construction of which was conducted in 2007.

  In Novosibirsk, the tenant is ready to move in the first place, "Logopark Tolmachiovo", is a logistics complex class "A", located 10 kilometers from the city. The area of the first stage is 45 000 square meters

According to the JSC "Logopark Tolmachiovo", now issued the certificate of state registration of ownership of commissioned warehouse. The work on the signing of lease agreements with tenants first "Logopark Tolmachiovo."

It should be emphasized that the object has a favorable geographical location and is one of the key objects in the logistics cluster, the Novosibirsk region.
"Logopark Tolmachiovo" located on the land bordering on the one hand with the federal highway M51 "Baikal", and on the other with the Trans-Siberian railway magistralyu.V close proximity to the international airport is located Logopark "Tolmachevo" and the Northern bypass of the city.
The "Logopark Tolmachevo" is realized in cooperation with the authorities of the Novosibirsk region and with their active support. Geographically land "Logopark Tolmachiovo" located within the "industrial and logistics park of Novosibirsk Region," which, in turn, is an example of the successful implementation of the scheme of public-private partnerships.
In this model of cooperation and to build on the territory of the Novosibirsk region of large industrial and transport hub of inter-regional and federal authorities of the Novosibirsk region have identified a total land area of 2,000 hectares, in which investors sell industrial and warehouse projects.
So "Logopark Tolmachiovo" offers to rent quality warehouse space "A" class companies from different sectors of the economy, with the individual needs of storage capacity. Design features of the warehouse allows a flexible approach to the needs of each tenant. The minimum area available for rent is 2800 m2.
The volume of storage space "Logopark Tolmachiovo" will increase with the further development of the project in relation to market conditions.
Logopark on a plot area of 214 hectares is planned to implement a model of production and warehouse projects, and the construction of the so-called scheme built to suite, ie construction of the needs of the customer and his requirements specification.

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