Near Novosibirsk opened the most difficult assault course in Russia

Twenty teams special forces take part in the national competitions of the Internal Troops, which began on Thursday near Novosibirsk, told the commander of the Siberian regional command of the MIA of Russia Viktor Strigunov.

For this competition the most complex military prepared in Russian so-called "assault course" consisting of different elements that have to overcome Special Forces.

According to head of the press service of the Siberian regional command of Dmitry Boldyrev, before most complex strip of 1.6 km, was considered established in 2006 at the Institute of Internal Forces in the Novosibirsk region.

The new assault strip, created at the training center squad of special purpose "Ermak" in TOGUCHINSKY district area has a length of 1 km, but on a set of elements on their selection and the length of the band is recognized as the most difficult to perform.

The peculiarity of the competition to overcome the assault course is that it can only take a team. The competition will last until August 28. Passage assault course is one of the stages.

These competitions are held every two years.

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