Near St. Petersburg built unprecedented Growers

Old puzzle in a new way: "No windows, no doors, upper room full of …". Who hastened to answer? Who finished the sentence: "… upper room full of people? " Said the same — an enigma in new ways, means, and think it is necessary … "Innovation."

In our case, in the "upper room" is not observed in either windows or doors (there were, however, tightly closed gate). But the very "upper room" was filled to capacity white cabbage and carrot — vegetable crop this year, collected in the fields Agricultural Production Cooperative "Detskoselskiy".

And where are the people? Where a team of workers to sort the cabbages? Where nerve forklift drivers, customized to each other expletives? And it should be somewhere else, "the chief barn" — overdriven bustle, covered with paper documentation comrade … This is about the picture or is brought before the eyes of an observer, who turned fated for vegetable storage farms in the period of mass bookmarks vegetables. Were seen, we know …

— Now forget — advised us to "Head of the barn …" oh, sorry, chief vegetable store SEC "Detskoselskiy" Alex Alferov. — Storage in our newest, innovative project. Full-time employees only three people: me and two store clerks. However, when the mass laying of harvest to storage, were more attracted workers — without at that stage can not do. But now our lead worker — the host computer.

The whole "nanonachinka" (as it is now fashionable to express) store — from advanced agricultural technologies in Dutch. It is staffed with equipment that allows you to control storage of vegetable production on the temperature regime and moisture regime, the content of carbon dioxide and oxygen. And — no processing of "chemistry"! Thus, until the spring of the vault will keep (forgive forced tautology) vegetables with the original flavor, vitamin and nutritional properties.

In a huge hangar six cold stores. In each — five tiers of wooden or metal containers filled with cabbage / carrot. "Packaging" sealed chambers — the mouse does not slip. About the mouse is not a witticism: rodents — the bane of many stores. Well, if it happens some crazy rodent, there is little it may seem — the temperature in the chamber is kept at a minimum plus: plus 1 degree. Almost frost …

Vegetables after harvesting as well known, is still "breathe". If this is the "breath" is not stopped, the crop will not be stored. The process of "inhibition" — for automation. For example, the camera is loaded with containers carrot. When storing a set temperature of plus 16 degrees. For a week it was reduced to plus 7 degrees. Over the next two weeks — to the optimal mode plus 1 degree.

Growers SEC "Detskoselskiy" experts have recognized "the largest and most advanced in the North-West." Although most farms is just another stage in the development. For all its "size" Growers will not be able to accommodate the huge crops grown today in the fields of economy.

Its capacity — 9000 tons. A cabbage this year navyraschivali in "Detskoselskiy" more than 17 thousand tons of carrots — 7.7 thousand, beets — more than 4 million tons, potatoes — 5.5 thousand tons. Plans have been something more modest … The weather, despite the slushy fall, not unsettled. And new technologies in horticulture is not the last word said. As a result, the yield of cabbage alone exceeded one thousand (!) Tons per hectare in terms of 860 kilograms. Each hectare of arable land allotted for carrots, tied it up on 84 quintals. And every hectare of beet overdone on more than one hundred kilograms.

Where to attach vegetable wealth? This question is in the "Detskoselskiy" has long been not elevate to the rank of the problem.

Another decade and a half ago, in the middle of the "wild 90s" when Petersburg turned its back side to suburban farms, "breadwinner" (and the entire agro-industrial complex in the neighboring regions) when ovoschebazy Petersburg prescribed draconian conditions on the receipt of the regional agricultural crop "Detskoselskiy" first began to build their own store. Reconstructed the old "barns", has converted a deserted warehouse yards pig farm, built the remakes … Survived! And moved forward — to innovative bins.

Hranilischny own complex — it is an opportunity year-round supply of agricultural products to the commercial network. From harvest to the next harvest.

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