Near Tver revived the historical production

Total investment in the project to build a new paper mill and modernization of Kamenka BKF was about 4 billion rubles.


JSC "Kamensky BKF" is part of the Russian vertically integrated producer of corrugated packaging — companies SFT Group. As part of the investment project, started in 2011, built a new paper production, including the installation of a modernized paper machine, the expansion of steam power plant with the installation of two steam boilers and reconstruction of treatment facilities.

Project is based on a significant increase in recycling of secondary raw materials (waste) — this is currently the largest project in the field of processing of waste paper in gofroupakovochnoy industry.

After the release of Kuvshinovsky the pulp and paper industry to full capacity production, the amount of deductions main taxes to the regional budget will be about 500 million rubles a year. 

The symbolic re-opening of the city-born paper and cardboard factory, founded in 1799, passed on September 5 in Kuvshinovo Tver region.

For more than 200 years Kamenskaja factory has experienced a lot of ups and shocks. The period of its greatest prosperity was in the revolutionary for the country in 1917, by this time, she became one of the largest Russian enterprises. In Soviet times, it has remained a leading manufacturer of wrapping paper and packaging board. The decline began in the late 90s: the production has stopped, followed by the shaft of social problems. After several years of "stagnation" in 2003, here, finally, there was an investor.

The total investment in the "second life" of the enterprise was 4 billion. Rare case: the money "led" to his employees themselves. In an interview with "RG" the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the investing company Anatoly Steinberg noted that the company has announced a competition among the bidders for the creation of paper production. Well the project is protected kuvshinovtsy, and eventually gave them an investment.

For a small town revival of the 200-year old factory — the main event in the modern history of it, because it will give funds to the development of social infrastructure and a stable salary. Anatoly Steinberg noted in this regard that "the historical dimension" Kuvshinovsky paper and paperboard production was crucial when "contractor".

— There is a tradition, Dynasty, ancient secrets, talented craftsmen, — he said. — One of the tasks of modern shareholders of such historical productions I think just the preservation and increase of these traditions. And I can say that the revival of Kamenka factory will provide her the story for at least another half century.

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