Needles central Russia kills woodworm

Bark beetles have destroyed about 12,000 hectares of spruce forests in central Russia, the deputy director of FSI "Russian Center for Forest Protection" Vasily Aces.

"The final results did not let down, but for today's date in the Moscow region, about 10,000 hectares of affected bark beetle in the whole of the European part — about 12 hectares.'s A lot" — RIA Novosti said the Aces on the sidelines of the conference on the protective planting in RF.

According to the source, the spread of a dangerous pest observed in several regions of the Central Federal District — Bryansk, Kaluga, south of Tver and Yaroslavl regions, as well as in Dmitrov, Klin and Zvenigorod near Moscow.

Told Aces, invasion of bark beetle are cyclical and there is now a maximum of another outbreak, which is caused by the dry summer of 2010.

"Every 15-20 years appear to flash. Latest outbreak began in Moscow in 1995, ended in 1999. Spruce plantations were severely weakened by the heat, and they are attacked by this pest," — explained Deputy Director Roslesozaschity. However, since the pest lives under the bark of trees, common poisons for it do not work.

"The struggle is to remove the infected and dead trees is that along with the trees and remove the pest itself. Plus use of pheromone traps. This is a costly method, it is applied only to the most valuable parts of the forest" — explained biologist.

In addition to bark in the Ural and Volga federal districts of Russia forest destroying gypsy moths and sawflies.

"A lot of our sawfly outbreak — is a pest that develops on the pine … the exact area of his loss can not be said, but this is about 200-300 thousand hectares," — said the Aces. However, he estimated that these values are at the level of long-term average.

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