Neo and Western policy in the Balkans

Neo and Western policy in the BalkansSandzak and Vojvodina — an area in Serbia, which on its own geopolitical bad habit encroach Western gentlemen who want to rule the world by Machiavellian principle of "divide and rule". Encroach — in the sense that it has long been plotting a "game in knives", which serves as a buoy for the territory of Serbia. What the West did to Yugoslavia in the first half of the 90th., It is not much.

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Fellow of the Institute of Slavic Studies Misha Yambayev considers, that Vojvodina and Sandzak, as well as Kosovo — an integral part of Serbia under the constitution. Political analyst says

"Vojvodina is not a disputed territory, but the theme of Vojvodina separatists will be warmed by certain forces inside the EU, and at first, and the United States."

Similarly, the "heated" and the theme of Sandzak. Separatist tendencies in this area

"There have been still in the early 90's, when Bosnia and Herzegovina separated from Yugoslavia — due to the fact that many live in Sandzak Muslims, or, as they are now called," Bosniak "or" Bosnians ".

Analyst expect in these 2-regions Serbia bursts of separatist sentiment.

And so long as the essence of the case, with the Turkish aside under the guise of brotherly commercial activities in the Balkans is a real expansion.

Lena Gus'kova, director of the Center for the Study of Modern Balkan crisis of the Institute of Slavic Studies, believes that Turkey increases not only the economic impact in this region, and strategic. In addition, Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of Kosovo and became his patron. Beginning in the 1990s., And in particular in the XXI century., writes E. Gus'kova, the theme of revival of Turkish influence in the Balkans was the theme of the beloved Turkish scientists and politicians. No wonder on his speech in Sarajevo in 2010, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu said on Ottoman occupation of Bosnia as the history that needs to be updated. Activation of Turkish policy in the Balkans associated just with the name of the minister who was appointed in the spring of 2009 Active since then delineated on all fronts: diplomatic, economic, cultural.

Lena Gus'kova notes that, since 2009, the travel schedule of the first persons of the country — the most Davutoglu and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Abdullah Gul, as parliamentarians and military officials — were constantly present Balkans. In the 2009-2011 years. betrothed persons visited Albania, Montenegro, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and, of course, Kosovo. The structure of the Turkish delegation is always included and businessmen who sign agreements on economic cooperation and investment. Sign — and then diligently execute.

From 2003 to 2010, for example, the volume of foreign trade between Tirana and Ankara has grown 10-fold from 35 to 350 million dollars from the states of the region have been concluded free trade agreements. Turkish office building roads in Albania, the factory in Macedonia, the airport in Pristina.

As for strategy, Turkey is working with the political elites of the Balkan states, offering them a role in joint political program notes and discussions of European and Asian issues. For example, in 2010 favorites Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Romania took part in took place on the ground in Turkey conference on confidence-building measures in Asia.

With all this love Turkish Islamic countries — the international brotherhood is not a hindrance. The same Davutoglu during a visit to BiH stated that the Bosnians, Serbs, Croats — "part of the 1st of soup."

However, in Sarajevo, Turkey does not support all parties, but the Bosnian, and even raised the question of the historical, religious and cultural ties, the growing military and political force in Turkey, ready to support their own brothers in Bosnia.

Next, Ankara has positioned itself as a mediator between the Balkan countries and NATO. A couple of years back in the Turkish military schools began to teach future officers of Serbo-Croatian and Albanian languages. Grows stronger strategic cooperation between Turkey and Albania, which joined NATO in 2009: constantly held joint exercises and maneuvers of the Navy.

In Kosovo, Turkey participates in the training of local police units formed from the Kosovo Turkish Turkish military and police trainers.

The President of the Republic of Srpska (BiH), Milorad Dodik said that Ankara's intentions are in line with neo:

"Their real desire is there to revive neo-Ottomanism. They are again spreading tales of what's 500 years of peace reigned until they destroyed our national wealth. And while Turkey did genocide over the Serbs. "

He is sure that Turkey in BiH defends only the interests of the Muslims.

Utmost attention paid to Turkey today to the south of Serbia: specifically the Muslim population lives here. Here is placed and Sandzak. His religious and political Zukorlich favorite after a string of visits by Turkish politicians began to speak, demanding autonomy for the three communities with a majority Muslim population. Turkey is also offered economic assistance and investments of Sandzak.

So, tearing Yugoslavia apart, it seems, has not been completed. Only now, except for the West, in part, Turkey.

Last salting Yugoslavia in Russia Borislav Milosevic reads:

"… Serbia — that XIV century, when the kingdom was Serbian hegemony in the Balkans, and the liberation struggle of the people against the Turks in the XIX century, and the Balkan Wars, and the epic First World War, in which Serbia has lost almost half of its population, and the union of the South Slavs in 1918, and the "coffin better than a slave" in 1941, and Uzhitskaya Republic (September-November 1941), led by the Communists, and scale than anywhere else in Europe, the enslaved, the People's Liberation fascist struggle — an integral part of the anti-Hitler coalition, and federal Republic, which received authority in the world due to both its internal system (socialist self-management workers) and their own foreign policy of non-alignment to the military-political blocs. This recent struggle to preserve its independence, against NATO and the Hague dictate and shame … "

He adds:

"In the destruction of Yugoslavia, the main role was played by Germany, the Vatican, America. And now, Brussels and Washington continue to interfere in the internal and foreign policy of our country, virtually dictate their own spending. People divided and humiliated. "

According to him, Serbia occupies a central position in the Balkans and is in control of the strategically important Moravian-Vardar valley — from the north to the Aegean Sea. Because Serbia are trying to isolate. Samples were isolated Borislav Milosevic calls "permanent dismemberment":

The plan irrepressible Flesh Tearers, Serbia must be chained in cramped box: they she will not be able to exist as an independent government. It will have to come to terms with the role of "protectorate", limited area under foreign control. It can cut from Macedonia, ex-ambassador, and from the sea, it is cut off. Serbia will not be able to keep control of the Moravian-Vardar valley and will lose its role in geopolitics.

Editor in chief of the Belgrade independent newspaper «Danas» Mischa Ramach says on the subject:

"In the Serbian province Sandzak the majority of the population are Islamized Slavs, which in the past were called Muslims, at the present time — Bosniaks. In Vojvodina, along with other, well-cooperated Hungarian minority. These and other minorities Serbia recognize their state. And among them there are extremists. In the case of the riots they could seek accession of Serbia to the adjacent parts of the country — to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary … and the Serbs from the Republika Srpska — to Serbia. So Makar, is a hard job … "

Sandzak is located in the south-west of the Raska region. In recent years, there is also under the influence of Turkish, activated structural Islamists (Vakhabits) which inconstancy region only on hand.


"Fans of the club" Novi Pazar "constantly and openly express their contempt for the public municipal symbols, accepting Islam, and openly supporting Turkey."

A significant part of the population sees its identity in the Islamic confession of the historical and cultural forms that emerged as a result of the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. Interestingly, the Sandzak Muslims — is actually Serbs Islamized in the Middle Ages.

During the rule of the Balkan Turks Sandzak is a special administrative unit, which now emphasizes the Muslims. And in the days of the Third Reich, more precisely, in 1941, the local population supported the German occupiers. Why? It expected to return to the autonomy of Sandzak provided by the Berlin Congress in 1878, and canceled after taking control of Serbian-Montenegrin authorities in November 1912.

In those days Achif Effendi, a graduate of the Turkish Military Academy in Bitola, was the main fighter against the Orthodox Chetniks and Partisans-communists. Specifically, he joined the people of Muslim identity and, one might say, has suspended the exodus of Sandzak in Turkey.

Today's favorite is the layers of the anti-Serbian Mufti Muamer Zukorlich, which and then declares pripiranii rights of the local population, and requests from Belgrade autonomy.

The very problem of Sandzak is very comfortable as the West and Turkey. United States and Britain to use its constant pressure on the Serbian government. In Belgrade there is a club "Friends of Sandzak", which includes the leading ambassadors of Western countries. This organization probably does support functions of the Muslim region. It is also clear that the sovereign Zukorlich is cramped due to the Islamic favorites from Bosnia and Kosovo: Mustafa Ceric and Recep Boyom.

Many analysts believe that the problem of Sandzak is very sharp, so it could be the one to decide diplomacy.

The situation in Sandzak and Vojvodina has changed in the direction of strengthening separatism in 2009, when the government of Serbia has made its own main task of the accession of Serbia to the EU. In order to accelerate the European integration Serbia and without the pressure of the Union of Vojvodina Hungarians, heavily supported Budapest, a new law on the Council of State.

Elections based on the new law passed June 6, 2010 in 167 communities in Serbia. In the lists of voters included 460,000 from 19 ethnic minorities, of which 16 are based on the line of their own elected representatives in the National Council. In addition, in addition to the existing 15 state councils after the elections were made four more.

The terms of reference of the State Council expanded: they got about 70 some opportunities in the implementation of the rights of national minorities. Councils can now establish educational, cultural, media, may seek the introduction as the official state language and writing in selected communities; propose changing the titles of streets, squares, urban areas, to participate in the formulation of laws relating to national minorities, etc. The possibilities of the State Council became so great that the Serbian Parliament since that time can not take any of the 1st law relating to national minorities, without their approval.

B-3, the law has permitted the inclusion in the electoral process Soviets political parties and organizations of national minorities. As a result, the political weight of the National Council has increased dramatically. Tips are intensively interacting with "their" political parties — first, it refers to the Hungarians and Bosniaks, exaggerates the theme of decentralization and regionalization.

In the end, the law of 2009 made a model of the extended self-government of national minorities in Serbia — in fact, a legitimate model for the spread of separatism in the federal database. Serbian President Boris Tadic at the time expressed the view that the national minorities in Serbia in 2009 received such rights as not have no one in Europe.

As for Vojvodina and there so called group of political activists have long been ready the signal from Budapest and with the support of the EU to implement the plan output edges from Serbia. Prevents them from one thing: The Constitution of Serbia. And all the fault of poor integrity of the country, approved by the people.

In order to overcome this dilemma, in April 2012, held the Fourth Convention Vojvodina, which was proposed to adopt the Declaration on the basics union of Serbia and Vojvodina. The word "union" — is an occasion for a political pamphlet …

In the end, "unification" Serbia would become the Federal Republic of Serbia, that is almost a split in the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Vojvodina.

Fourth Convention organized Vojvodina small party advocating "a revision of the constitutional position of Vojvodina" in the Republic of Serbia. Small party, but behave like huge. These are what culminate Vojvodina separatism and lead directly to the goal — the removal of Serbian Vojvodina constitutional framework. With the submission of all relevant zabugornyh forces, apparently.

Then again flickers name Mufti Zukorlicha. He did it with a coalition of parties of national minorities in Vojvodina, so that separatism has spread rapidly converge on two fronts: the Raska region, ie, Sandzak and Vojvodina. In one stroke, what, 2-ubivahom hares.

There appeared sins of federalism, which once came to Yugoslavia to extremism. After all, before the adoption of the 1974 Constitution, writes Miodrag Milikich, Vojvodina was listed as an integral part of Serbia, as in the case of Kosovo and Metohija.

"But in this Constitution, Vojvodina and Kosovo were given some autonomy and flexibility that spurred separatism in both areas, we are now with our eyes can behold what it gave up in the southern Serbian province and
what it all led. Because history magistra vitae, in other words, the teacher of life, we might have from his own state history to learn from the mistakes of their own Protz and do not repeat them, but nobody is going to listen to such time as "our" government is working on the orders of others. "

In the end, thanks to a special allocation of Vojvodina, it appears that providing the highest degree of autonomy serves to "politicians and parties in the marginal government earned more than …" As a result, the inhabitants of the area were separatism, which only grew with age.

"It can be peaceful — writes Milikich — as in Catalonia or Scotland now, and can be belligerent, on the model of cosmetic, the Basque Country, etc. Judging by how soon behaves youth naikrupneyshey Party supporters of autonomy — League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, in the framework of the organization AFANS — Vojvodina further threatens a meeting with the militant type of separatism. People will read: "Let us Serbs in Vojvodina, 80%! What kind of separatism and what they can do to us? "Indeed, we have so many, but began to emerge group of young people brainwashed that say that they are an ethnic" voyvodzhane "- voevodintsy and they say to" Vojvodina "language …"

Russian analyst Peter iskenderov considers, that the European Union and the Hungarian separatists in Vojvodina are now united front, the purpose of which is the final liquidation of the sovereign country of Serbia and its return to the Middle Ages and the Ottoman yoke. Apart from nationalism and Islamic radicalism, the desire to dismember connected with the fact that at one time the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina failed to seize strategic oil and gas facilities and infrastructure in Serbia. That's why they took the course on public-administrative division of Serbia. What's Next? And then meant the upcoming "cell division": straight to the area of reincarnation in some areas of society, any of which can be converted into a new hotbed of separatism.

In fact, it is no longer about the parade of sovereignties, but naturally the game of knives: the sovereignty or autonomy is not for the "liberation", but for the sake of personal goals that can not be discouraged favorites of the West — because they do not expect to wait, when from Serbia remains a "protectorate."

And yet here, in the framework of this strategy the final dismemberment of Serbia, at the end of October and was approved by the German "plan" regarding the north of Kosovo.

In October, diplomatic sources brought to the public a plan for the north of Kosovo, specifying the provisions of the "German ultimatum of 7 points." The plan assumes that Serbian North will be an integral part of the Albanian Kosovo. And for that Serbia will name the date of the start of negotiations on its accession to the EU in December. The start of negotiations!

Anna Filimonov writes:

"Therefore, the West asks: Serbia must give Kosovo together with the north, leaving a blind some" financial autonomy "(the final of the Serbian population in these criteria is inevitable), and one hundred percent surrender to favorites — NATO and the Kosovo Albanians. But the favorites will never apply to those who suffered a defeat in the war, as an equal to the side. Serbia is on the verge of transformation in the traditional semi-colony (formally independent states with weak economies, controlled by foreign capital, the external and internal policy which is one hundred percent under external control). "

Karel Schwarzenberg, the first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, in October led to the current state of torn Serbia. He considers, that Serbia — a country defeated in war with NATO, and therefore segodnyaschy Western policy towards it determined the basic starting position: the losing party must pay the war against the winner of resources and territories. A cohort segodnyaschy European ruling elite that owns and Schwarzenberg, not against the idea of son Balkans "at the mercy" of Turkey.

British representative in the European Parliament Nigel Feridzh states:

"All politicians in the Balkans only make someone else's job … but the main issues addressed in Washington and Brussels, not in Belgrade … and me funny when people ask me when will the New World Order. Since he has long arrived. Not bad it is either bad — a look at a global situation. It's all right, or all flying into the abyss? Decide for yourself. Serbia to the abyss! Serbian politicians are very intimidated and nervous, they do not know where to get the money … The problem is that Serbian politicians do not give trouble to solve something, just ask Washington and Brussels, what to do next, instead of something to do themselves. Maybe the north of Kosovo will be Serbian. But it is unlikely. "

In the electricity Pristina has lost the sense of independence. She sold all of marginal electricity distribution network "Elektoroenergeticheskoy campaign of Serbia", serving 400 thousand customers, the Turkish concern "Chalikov and Limak."

Turkey, meanwhile, voiced idea, as if her value as a connoisseur of the Balkans and the peoples who live there. That is why NATO Council Ankara handed a two-year mandate to the role of assistant for admission of the Balkan states into NATO.

And one other Western outlook express policy: the Balkans — "unstable" and therefore in need of "Rurik", which reconcile nations, and will interpret them how to live a measured, and at the same time to accustom his own unobtrusive western figure.

All these Western advisers and their Turkish associates forgets that notwithstanding that the above "peace" and "stability" in Yugoslavia existed before there, including with fire and sword, climbed "democracy." There peace and stability in Libya, and Egypt (Hillary Clinton, by the way, considered the country under Mubarak almost a model of stability), and in Syria. But after the destruction of stability caused by fueling separatism inside, immediately there is a task to build it — is a favorite of the person claiming to set the tone in everything: in the economy, ideology, strategy, public values (the last — only on behalf of the oppressed minority.)

What do you want? The New World Order has already arrived. Rule the World, Washington and Brussels. And where they do not Right now, they're going to begin to rule tomorrow.

Oleg surveyed Chuvakin
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