Neo-Nazism — solution to the problem of mass immigration?

Neo-Nazism - the problem of mass immigration?Demographic challenges is too far, not only in Russia. Many European countries every year "found ourselves short" of people inhabiting them, and if growth does exist, then it is connected is not far superior reproducibility so called titular nations.

According to the calculations of German demographers found that almost 82 million people out of Germany's population of about 16 million are immigrants. And this is neither more nor less than 19% of the population. Of these, 16 million are a huge part of immigrants from Turkey, in second place — ethnic Poles, on the third — former citizens (well, and today too) of the CIS and Baltic countries. Not a lot, the age of those who came to work or relocate to Germany for more than 10 years less than the age of the average German, and that means only one thing, that in the future the number of those fair-haired and blue-eyed will only go down.

Against the background of such disk imaging in Germany were placed shocking evidence that in the past 2-decades in the area of the euro countries acted organized criminal group, which considered it my duty to arrange single or mass executions of the newcomers. Detainees do not hide their belonging to neo-Nazis and in no hurry to repent of their deeds. But the shock is not so much the presence in Germany neonatsistkih organizations as them and we have enough, and the results of a survey of public opinion, placed after the disclosure of a series of crimes of an extremist nature. These results suggest that far not all groups condemn the acts of German skinheads. About a quarter of the respondents said that the way the group has used, of course, unacceptable, but with the problem of the dominance of migrants from Eastern Europe and from Turkey to fight constructive ways.

It turns out that the German company did not lust to accept the fact that the titular civilization in their country is getting smaller. With all of this, many respondents stated that the greatest number of claims in their — visitors to Muslims who do not want to accept the German culture such as it is.

If you believe the official statistics, hosted by German analytical agencies, the number of Muslims in the German army grows every year. At present, according to the data of the Bundeswehr in its divisions are serving more than 1,200 Muslims, but the Muslim community they say that this figure underestimates the Germans specifically to diminish the role of the Muslim influence in the country.

Specifically, the penetration of the German public life of the vast number of immigrants from other states and considered the base for its activities by representatives of the neo-Nazi organization, which prevented a long-term activity in the days of the German police. During the years of his own "work" of the members of this criminal group made 10's atrocities on ethnic and religious grounds. From 2000-2006 on account of only one branch of the nationalist underground about 10 murders. Thus in this branch consisted of just three people, among whom a lady. These same people were involved in the explosion at the railway station in Düsseldorf in 2000. Then asked for medical help 12 people, most of whom were Israelis who traveled to Germany for training. After a couple of years, the trio organized the terrorist act in Cologne, the consequences of which 22 were wounded Turks.

Neo-Nazi groups have hundreds of informants throughout Germany from Munich to Hamburg, which allowed them to commit atrocities with impunity throughout the 10-s years.

It is difficult to imagine themselves, which could result in a situation where the society will tacitly support the so called "cleaners" in Russia. But our situation is not too far gone from the German. In Moscow alone, the number of immigrants from Central Asia and Transcaucasian Republics according to one of 2.5 million, and for others — as many as 5 million people. With all of this number constantly grows. On the problem of increasing the concentration of migrant workers abroad still Russian authorities to recognize, looking through his fingers, but if one does not attend to the problem of the moment, it can provoke even more severe consequences than occurred in Germany. Russian riot may be again, and silly, and mercilessly. But the fight with mass immigration by neo-Nazi methods — anyway, that put out a fire with kerosene.

Certainly, globalization in the modern world gained enormous momentum, and solve the problem of movement of border closures or other design methods no longer work. Will allow to solve such a severe problem of a contract for the development of the Eurasian Union? On the one hand, it is possible to think that everything is opposite — the opening of the borders, which will further influx of migrants into Russia. But the single economic space can be allowed to develop so called big economy, increasing the standard of living in all countries, which enter the Eurasian Alliance. In Germany, as a party to the European Union, such a room, unfortunately, did not work. Do we pass? As usual, only time will tell, and!

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