Neuzh then there are gullible who believe?

From the letter of a resident of New York City:

"Since when did the United States in general has become the promised land for orphans? Though stuffed, though carcass, but in the U.S.? Foster system and a system of group homes in the U.S. — is terrible.

Conditions million babies in the United States and its social services system Custody unfair and cruel. This was in the United States knows that. Do not know about it only you, since you do not live in the U.S., and they do not wash their dirty linen in public.

If I had have to choose whether to have a deal with the Russian authorities guardianship or South American social worker, I choose Russian guardianship, not looking and forever.

If tomorrow I got under the car, and I had the choice, would fall Clara in Russian or South American orphan system, I choose to Russia, despite.

And I know both systems. In Russia, I kid the adopter and the U.S. segodnyaschy my boss at the institute — the last director of the Social Services of New Jersey. She had to resign when a single year in the hands of her life killed more babies than in dysfunctional families. "

Really there are so naive to believe?I still have this difficulty and legal nuance.

Almost young kids deprived and denied their own citizenship, and sent over the border of Russia in violation of Part 3 of Art. 6, part 1 of article 61 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation — is the total violation of the rights of young people of. Judging by the hysterical grant "human rights" they have a stake in the business for adoption. A certain number of days discusses the fact that the Germans have cash enthusiasm in one of the offices, which deals with paid adoptions in the United States — the services of these firms road, "toy of the Russian Federation" in the United States to purchase is worth about 50 thousand dollars. Later, you can do anything — rape, to resell to others — in the U.S., it is not forbidden by law, is not one of condemnation.

Finish the trade babies — a holy cause. For the U.S., it's just a brand new feature — use the kids as a cheap attribute their social life. Neuzh then there are gullible who believe? What Americans adopt our children from a born chadolyubiya and the highest moral and ethical purity? And that only they can give them everything, and we are not that everything is fine, but we have one ploho.Esche gosdepovskaya bezprintsipnaya sassy heresy and propaganda.Tam only financial and real intrigued, by the adoptive "parents" and more nothing. Well, the Americans do not do nothing!

We must honestly admit that other people and abandoned kids, do not need anyone, much less for the Yankees, and they are similar to Gelman. In their mouths taking care of them, it sounds like izymatelstvo and cynicism. A chorus of screaming "defenders and well-wishers" of Tipo "civilized" parents-killers and a country that had plunged into the chaos of war and the so-called revolution is not one country, and where the kids suffer first, sacrilege and an insult to common sense izymatelstvom.

Because only the Russian government is able to give them the protection and proper, measured and dignified life. Educate them worthy and equal citizens of the country. This requires political will and desire. A howl in the main, the State Department proplachennye zabugornye sideltsy. Just like with the chain broke. Means we are on the right track.

Very briefly, just the statistics: in RF in 2008 there were 681.3 thousand orphans (in 2012 less, but I have better statistics specifically on 2008). Of them were brought up in families of 529.5 thousand. In 2008, U.S. citizens adopted in RF 1773 baby. Of their disabilities — 97.

Russians in the same year adopted 635 children with disabilities, similar custody has been issued over 1,043 children with disabilities, unrelated custody — over 153, is designed to foster care or education of family educational groups (CSAs) of the 113th.

If we consider only the adoption — the Russians adopting children with disabilities, three times more than all the foreigners were taken together, and is 6.5 times more than the Americans. Five favorites by number of adoptions from Russia looks like: USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany. With all the many years' heightened attention to the topic is not clear about any incident with adopted babies in these countries — except the United States.

In the U.S., over the past 10 years, 19 babies died at the hands of foster parents, at least 20 have been placed "parents" to a special boarding school (apparently, this private boarding school was created specifically for the children of the Russian Federation, with our consuls hitherto can not get into it — is not allowed), some kids were "ceded" their adoptive families to other people (in the U.S. it is practiced), some kids were tortured, izymatelstvam, sultry abuse.

And this is only the information about the cases that reached the courts.

It turns out that people handshake with white ribbons rushed to defend the rights of the slave trade to the Yankees and sexy up "toy of the Russian Federation"? Again, payment is on? Ah-ah-ah.

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