New abilities drone

On the basis of the Central hydrodynamic Institute developed a new model of unmanned aircraft. This drone is flown by the rules, uncharacteristically ordinary plane. Rise of the aircraft is quite upright landing — without stripes. The presence of these features greatly enhances the ability to use it.

New features drone

The absence of the fuselage, tail, wings, this invention does not much similar to the usual flying apparatus. This development has many similarities with a flying fan: there is only the engine, the guide vane and screw. So looks new unmanned flying machine. From other drones it differs in that manufactures off vertically upward, moving inside buildings and sits down without a runway.

According to the engineer fan laboratory TSAGI Dmitry Sharov, in a similar scheme there is many advantages when associated with its traditional airplane and a helicopter. In other words, the fan is placed in the ring, on this he can fly inside buildings, nearby buildings and terrain in the criteria.

Located in the bow of the ball is a cargo compartment. Behind it is the electric motor and the screw, and then — straightener, which dampens formed behind the impeller vortex of air. Motion control is done by the flap. The extraordinary architecture drone releases it from the presence of the trigger. And he can make flights even within the precincts of the city — it is able to bend around obstacles encountered and hover in place.

Speaking about the abilities of all flight missions for the new UAV Russian production, Victor Mitrofovich being head of the department of internal aerodynamics of aircraft and industrial systems MK TsAGI, noted for his ability to produce a flying autonomously, on the same route or cross over to manual control.

Before the experimental trials, an unmanned aerial vehicle will have to pass tests in the wind tunnel. Here the air speed is 130 km / h Flying device attaches to the aerodynamic balance. This method measures the force vector, and then calculated the line of motion.

One model of UAV designed and created specifically for the tests. The data is shown on the computer, and then on the basis of their method of control is built.

At present, engineers are committed to designing TSAGI take off — only the land is at the top, rather than decrease it.

Featuring trial shield, Dmitri Sharov said above there is a screen that can be raised, lowered. Engineers will also be looking for interaction with the screen, as it happens during a real flight with different buildings.

This development is interested in ministry. But the ability of its implementation is much larger than intelligence. Unmanned flying apparatus can patrol the city's streets and buildings, to move loads, take pictures. This apparatus can be of all sizes — from fifteen cm to 2-meters. And in the not to distant future — the tests of the aircraft at the landfill.

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