New AK: I do not bluff, but a real gun

New AK: I do not bluff, but a real weapon

RIA "Novosti" reports that at the "Izhmash" strongly agree-spread opinion, as if designed automatic Kalashnikov (5th generation, AK-12) is not new tool, but only just a little bit better An old.

General Director of the NGO "Izhmash" M. Kuzyuk at the press conference said the journalists follow: "AK-12 journalists dubbed bluff. And written in the press. Automaticquite not bluff, but a real gun, passing the tests. It sold more than 10 new design solutions. This tool meets the requirements of the modern Swatch. Among other we saw and Western models. "

The design of the new AK integrated Picatinny rail. This is a device allowing to strengthen on the machine accessories: Collimator, optical and night sights, rangefinders, target designators, and more. These devices will enable excellent tool to use in all of the criteria for the day and NIGHT MODE. AK also bought telescopic folding butt, and even adjustable butt plate and pad. In the end, the handle recycling machine, new items can be installed in 2-positions — on the right or on the left. So from now on will be the AK tool for left-handers.

New AK: I do not bluff, but a real weapon

At the moment, large supplies of old times AK modifications are stored in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense. Armed with these supplies can be just a few armies. In September 2011, the Russian Federation, Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov said: Procurement Office has waived the AK-74. The reason for failure is clear: these provisions superfluous machines. In general, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov explained, it does not mean a rejection of a Kalashnikov. Just waiting for the Ministry of Defence weapons designers of new weapons-making.

The current NGO "Izhmash" — an enterprise, of which assets should enter the working staff and a group of companies "Izhmash". The fact that a huge debt of their reasons put observational procedure.

Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, or the group of companies "Izhmash" — industrial enterprise, member of the State Company "Russian Technologies". "Izhmash" develops and produces a wide range of both special and civilian products: Kalashnikovs, Nikonov, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, gun for aviation; Guided artvooruzheniya, means of maintenance and repair of guided weapons, special machines, and serial and tools. The company was founded more than 2-back centuries — in 1807.

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