New Atlantis immersed




If ocean levels will continue to rise, some of the islands and the coast at risk of being under water.
From India to the islands in the Pacific Ocean, from the United States to Europe: no continent is immune in the next decade from the hazards associated with sea level rise. The main culprits — raising the Earth's temperature and the melting of glaciers.

Italy, too, there is nothing to worry about: according Icram (Institute of Scientific Research and Technology, applied to the sea), who studied the situation in Versilia (Tuscany Riviera), its banks are only one century down to tens of meters.

Sergio Silencio of Global Change Group commented: "It is easy to imagine the damage that would be caused in tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, property owners."

This prediction is the low shores of the peninsula, 43% of the almost 8,000 kilometers of coastline.

Until 2090 the Mediterranean will rise by 18-30 cm: about 4,500 square kilometers of the coast and the Plains will be under water, says climatologist Vincenzo Ferrara. "The biggest risk facing the banks, where there is subsidence-mail address in connection with the geological processes, such as, for example, in the northern part of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas."

Let's look at the rest of Europe. According to the UN, unless there is no action in the Netherlands will be flooded some Polder — land reclaimed from the sea by a giant work of draining and suffer Venice. Cairo and the Camargue (France) will be lost to the people. The same fate awaits some areas in Louisiana and Alaska, Russia and Ukraine, will go under the water capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

If in these cases we are talking about outcomes, on some islands in the Pacific Ocean has been a significant increase in the water level. More recently, much of Tuvalu, a coral archipelago halfway between Australia and Hawaii, for almost an hour under water in a powerful tide. It was confirmation of forecasts, according to which the archipelago will be the first victim of the rising waters.

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu Saufatu Sopoaga said: "We need new research on the rise in global sea level to confirm their validity." Wawa Hiliya of Tuvalu weather bureau said: "20 years ago, flooding occurred on the island once or twice a year, now they happen every month. One of the smaller islands, Te Pukasavilivili went under in 1997."

These islands have become the modern era of Atlantis — it is possible that they will be under water by the end of the century. The coastline has already been shifted and the ocean tides carry away the trees and destroy the road. Salt water penetrating into inland water bodies are not suitable for drinking and agricultural use.

By 2020, the risk of being flooded three Indian cities of Bombay, Calcutta and Madras. Rajiv Nigam, a scientist from the State Department of Geology and Oceanography, warns: "In the coming years, sea level rise will cause in only one state of Goa damages in the amount of $ 180 billion, and within a few decades, the need arises to leave this city."

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