New brainchild Apple: iPod nano and iPod touch, as the iPhone 5

New brainchild Apple: iPod nano and iPod touch, as well as the iPhone 5

In the United States of America was accomplished presentation of new creations of world famous company Apple. These were the brainchild of iPod nano and iPod touch, iPhone 5, which has a number of severe differences from its predecessor iPhone 4S. In fact, such a configuration holder of ordinary mobile devices are unlikely to impress, but the specific "Yabloko", as they call themselves men, carried away by technology Aplle, they say that the configuration of simple design.

When you touch these configurations, the way they look then: left something to Aplle has long been waiting for, namely the introduction of detectors specifically in the glass. Many have seen in a typical rip-off devices from other manufacturers, but plagiarism is difficult to call such move. It's just a design feature that would have appeared in the iPhone at some point. The fact that the detectors which are in particular glass mobile device allow meaningful way to reduce its thickness, and in fact particularly low thickness is now a major asset unit.

The new version ayfon can take pictures almost one second faster. It allows you to be able to make more pictures moving object, even if its speed is quite high. For those who prefer to do photo reports from sports or military exercises with iPhone, such a possibility would be a real gift. With all of this increased resolution of the anterior chamber, reaching a value of 720 pix.

The new chipset, which will equip the iPhone 5 has the smallest weight and great performance that can handle more disk imaging.

Now producers of the new ayfon they say that for him, there are two different designs: black and pure white. With all of this in the case of a snow-white iPhone 5 will be used as a base material for aluminum casing, which reduces the weight of the model.

By the way, at this point the Chinese announced that they are ready to release candidate iPhone 5, which should be three times less. Maybe we'll see, and even a replica of the iPhone 5, which is a Chinese performance will be thicker and heavier than the American model.

Now in the U.S. iPhone 5 sold at a cost of about $ 400 (model with 64 GB of memory). In Russia, the price of the model on the black market achieves 3,000 bucks. With all of this buyers are, and this cost does not bother them …

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