New car Foxhound was presented at the exhibition in England

New car Foxhound was presented at the exhibition in the UK

New car British Army Foxhound was presented to the public for the first time since his own arrival in Afghanistan. Hundreds of people involved in the provision of equipment and supply of ground forces in England, came to the exhibition Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD-in 2012) in Milbruke in Bedfordshire, the largest exhibition in its own kind in Europe. The Army used the occasion and presented to the public Foxhound, first car, adopted by the armament, the drafting of which was used approach "Open systems". This approach involves the introduction of the so-called 'available' solutions, making easier the process of modernization and increased harmonization with other new technologies, and will appreciate that, in turn, will allow the Army to strengthen its main abilities.

UK Ministry of Defence has pledged 270 million pounds for the purchase of 300 vehicles at the Foxhound General Dynamics Land Systems — Force Protection Europe, which will provide about 750 jobs and England.

New car Foxhound was presented at the exhibition in the UK

V-shaped hull helps it withstand the Foxhound vehicle mines and improvised explosive devices, and provides unparalleled for its own size and weight of the level of protection against explosions. This lightweight and agile vehicle is designed to move freely through the narrow streets, paths, bridges and canals in Afghanistan.

The second part of the programs from the English car and the local development of local production is a part of? 5.5 billion dollar programs from the introduction of the main army armored ton as provided in the next 10 years. In total, over the next decade for service and support equipment will be spent 160 billion pounds.

New car Foxhound was presented at the exhibition in the UK

Minister for weapons, supplies and technology Peter Luff (Peter Luff) took part in the presentation of the public vehicle Foxhound. He said: "Foxhound is a beautiful example of what can be achieved through the cooperation of the Ministry of Defence cramped and industry. I wish to highlight the extent to which the industry open-system approach in the domestic and international markets, allowing us to purchase ready-made solutions as it can be. "

"Now, when we balanced the cash costs, we can confidently move forward, plan and execute over the next decade program from armored vehicles at the cost of 5.5 billion pounds. As a result, we get a fleet of modern, sverhtehnologichny and easily adaptable for military vehicles."

Major-General Carew Wilks (Carew Wilks), Director of Overland Equipment at the Ministry of Defence said: "In addition to demonstrating the modern and promising ground equipment, DVD-2012 exhibition gives us an opportunity to work more closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to see how to improve procurement processes , providing our supply systems more effective communication with other providers. This approach allows us to quickly add, if necessary, modify or update the subsystem. "

New car Foxhound was presented at the exhibition in the UK

"Foxhound is the first taken into service a car made in view of our new common standards of architecture, so I'm happy to build it here at the show DVD showing guests a pleasant idea how the system integration."

Exhibition DVD is one of the most important events for those who are engaged in military equipment and supply the Army of England. As for 2-days of informal discussions and briefings it connects voedinyzhdy purchasing departments, military, and industrial organizations.

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