New Chinese missile systems do not provide a relaxed sleep Taiwan

New Chinese missile systems do not give sleep to Taiwan

As is clear in the world, there is a huge amount of outstanding majestic conflicts that once they can move from the category of political rank in the military. Specifically, such a situation between China and Taiwan. The Chinese have been around for decades Taiwan are part of the 1st vast country, and Taiwanese stubbornly insist on its own complete and final independence. Times are a real military confrontation between the parties to the conflict, as it were left behind, but in today's world no one can be sure that this is not a powder bud break out with the latest in strength. And if such a possibility can not be excluded, then the two sides, China and Taiwan, are trying to increase their military capabilities on the coast of the Taiwan Strait.

With all this we should not forget that China — a government that owns nuclear weapon. Until nedavneshnego time specifically nuclear missiles were aimed at Taipei and other Taiwanese town. Now China confrontation decided not to escalate the situation and evenly abandon nuclear danger own nepokorlivomu other. It is caused not so much by the fact that China is a kind of fear as the latest support Taiwanese army of the United States, and that the current China is positioning itself as a government responsible for the so-called "global deterrence."

Specifically nuclear question led Beijing to begin development of new multiple rocket launchers. In order to understand the specifics of China's development in the field MLRS, need a little touch of geographical issue. It consists in the fact that Taiwan is separated from the east coast of the Strait of the Middle Kingdom, the average width is about 160 km. This figure and was the starting point for development of Chinese missile systems. More than 15 years ago, China's "defense" has decided to make the candidacy of nuclear capabilities aimed at Taiwan. In 2004, the PLA (People's Liberation Army of China) was adopted WS-2D, developed and made by one of the leading manufacturers of the country's missile technology company «Sichuan Aerospace Industries». The indisputable advantage of this facility for the Chinese was that the firing range it was about 400 km. This could only mean one thing: why flaunt their nuclear weapon, which acted as a matador rag to a bull, if you can expand on the coast of the Strait of several groups of MRL WS-2D and bring them to the "fraternal island."

New Chinese missile systems do not give sleep to Taiwan

It is not necessary to think that the WS-2D — it's the first MLRS made by the Chinese. Here it should be noted that in China there was a very unusual situation: the outright several companies design and produce multiple rocket launchers, creating unprecedented konkurentnst each other. In such criteria stimulus for the creation of a truly effective tool for all members of absentee rivalry missing. A beneficial influence on it and a very impressive funding programs from the creation of new MLRS by the ruling party.

Now from the mass of Chinese MLRS spetsy tend to pay particular attention to the series of WS. So the company "Poly Technologies' already be successfully implements promotion program from the last generation — WS-3. This unit is equipped with 6-400mm rockets, which can overcome dvuhsotkilometrovoe distance. As we are aware, for the Chinese, this figure is fully applicable. With all this missile systems can be equipped variety of warheads. This high-explosive version, and cassette with the charges of small caliber. The missiles are equipped with guidance systems based on GPS-complex. This allows you to conduct aimed fire with dazzling accuracy. The deviation from the target at a distance of about 200 km and will not exceed 50 m

By the way, the development of new Chinese MLRS intensively used a global positioning system. This equipment allows the rocket "discover" the target and hit it very precisely and perfectly. To striking power MRL has been suppressed interceptor missiles, the Chinese engineers have decided to implement some models of their own units of so-called "missile-blend". It shells under the label WS-1B, in fact devoid of charge which can attract to themselves as "attention" systems «Patriot», based in Taiwan. In this case, you can read that if the Chinese zateyut massive shelling of areas of Taiwan, any missile will not be able to resist this onslaught besides using shells, decoys.

Ultimately, it can be said that the current MLRS China may impose its own terms though what possible enemy.

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