New data on corruption in the Oboronservis

New data on corruption in the "Oboronservis"Do not have time to type full speed in the Defense Ministry scandal associated with the illegal appropriation and sale of plots of land on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory (OKATO code corresponds to the earth stations on the eminent Utrish) began to appear as more details of corruption schemes mainly the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. The case again for the misappropriation of funds by the company "Oboronservis", which created quite a stir in recent weeks.

It is reported that investigators received the latest batch of materials that, through the "Oboronservis" held the threads of government corruption schemes. If another week of back talk about the theft of $ 3 billion, now this figure grows every day or almost.

Now it was reported that employees "Oboronservis" (a company controlled by the Russian Ministry of Defense) managed to bring in a whole neighborhood Odintsovskom near Moscow. According obviously low prices sold 70 residential buildings with finishing. Area of the property is 36 thousand square meters. The residential complex covers the area of about 20 hectares.

According to preliminary data Odintsovsky estate was sold for 320 million rubles. This is about 7-10 times cheaper than nominal rates. It turns out that employees "Oboronservis" sold home at a cost of about 8800 rubles per square meter. Now at such cost can be purchased in the suburbs, perhaps, suburban toilet.

In the end, the investigators concluded that the total damage only one deal with property Odintsovskom area totaled more than 1 billion rubles. This billion can be summed up with the 3-axis, as mentioned earlier the investigating authorities.

And this amount of embezzlement and fraudulent mnogohodovok with the obvious corruption component obviously not final. Who can appear and new businesses that are related to fraud in the Ministry of Defence, which is not so long ago ruled Anatoly Serdyukov.

Recall that Vladimir Putin has decided to withdraw Serdyukov post due to the fact that it is necessary to provide a transparent investigation course. At the site of Anatoly Serdyukov was the former head of Moscow Sergei Shoigu. Specifically, after the mission Shoigu, to the post of Minister of Defense and swam money scam "Oboronservis" in Odintsovskom neighborhood. Accident? Perhaps that is so, but there is an option in which Sergei Shoigu has contributed to the disclosure of corruption schemes used during the stay in the minister's chair Serdyukov.

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