New destroyers 2016

New destroyers 2016
On the days of St. Petersburg hosted an international economic forum. In the midst of other topics open a discussion on it the fate of Russian shipbuilding. Judging by the statements of the responsible persons of the industry, the Russian navy is entering a period of active development and renewal. One of the topics raised in the discussions were about the prospects of new Navy destroyers, which soon included are increasingly involved.

First, it should be said that the president of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) R. Trocenko eventually opened Zahav lurking on a new project. So far, however, the bureaucrat has managed a number of common phrases, and it is seen by the enormity of the plans. So, it was stated that while the plan to build 6 new destroyers, the first of which will be laid in 2016. With regards to more distant prospects Trotsenko said nothing, but there is reason to believe that six ships will be built by 2020, which in the current state programs from rearming. Accordingly, after himself in 2020 may be the construction of an additional series may even be refreshed project.
Relatively tactical niche that will take promising destroyers, disk imaging is not much too much. In respect of its president USC applied fairly extensive wording destroyers will be «anchor points Russian space defense system.» Not very clear, but it is clear about the direction of the fleet. Of course, these words must be aware of the creation of some systems of their own destiny like American CICS and Aegis missile systems SM-2/SM-3. The United States is not the first year of the project use their destroyers Arleigh Burk cover for missile-directions. Thanks to its own mobility, these ships can be deployed in a matter of days are a significant distance. In addition, the concept of strategic missile defense ship increases efficiency compared with terrestrial systems. It seems that something similar will appear in our country.

It remains only to find out what exactly. Of course, no one at the economic forum of management USC and did not think to hang drawings and diagrams, a new project or at least articulate technical details. Most likely, the project is not even ready. Yet, there are already different guesses as to its kind. For example, expressed relative to world production start with guided missile destroyers weapons project 21956. This project is fairly new — the first time he was introduced to the public in 2007 — and has several advantages over available technology. With all this sounded characteristics of the project 21956 imply its implementation and in ocean waters, which is hard to imagine without vsepolnotsennuyu naval missile defense system. At the same time, have often been observed that the destroyers 21956 proposed project to equip weapons and equipment developed 10-15 years ago, maybe more. But as practice shows, nothing prevents the developer (North PKB) to revise the draft and to equip it with modern equipment, rockets, etc.

Besides the new equipment and tools refreshed project 21,956 (if promising destroyer will be designed specifically based on it) can get dramatically latest powerplant. In the embodiment demonstrated he had a gas turbine power plant with capacity above 70 thousand horsepower. This spring, the leaders of the United Shipbuilding Company announced the successful progress in the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute. Academician Krylov. In recent years there working on new systems of nuclear power plants of various capacities created for ships of different classes. Appeared in the midst of naming and destroyer. Of course, the question of equipping ships promising atomic «engine» at least seriously considered.

As for the armament of new ships, its composition can be very different. To attack surface targets, for example, can be used anti-ship missiles family «Movement». Where is the huge questions about the phrase anti-missile destroyers appointment. The need for specific purposes such attacks requires special weapons. First reacted to it «Izvestia». This edition, referring to some source in the defense industry, writes about the likely development of the ship’s anti-aircraft variant of C-500. In 2015, expected to start testing the basic version of the SAM created for the Army. Ready complex will have long-range missiles capable of intercepting ballistic targets produce. But the source of «Izvestia» argues that the work on this topic was delayed to such an extent that the ship’s version of C-500 is unlikely to appear until 2016. Immediately he shared this information almost completed project naval version of the S-400. Perhaps summed anonymous source at the first promising destroyers will stand specifically those funds and missile defense.

Separately to note the reaction of the «Almaz-Antey» expression on an anonymous source. All in the same «News» said that the representatives of the organization refused to comment on rumors about promising destroyers. According to the «Almaz-Antey» until early this question open a discussion. So, even if the development of complex air defense / missile defense for new ships and carried out, no one is not going to share its details with the general public.

As we see now all the information about the new destroyers is a pair of small and vague phrases, but a lot of guesswork and speculation. Based on the declared date of commencement of construction, you can try to guess the time when open access appears something more concrete. Most likely, the details of the new project will appear as its implementation, and its own amount of news reaches peak in time for the tab of the lead ship. Although, as it happens from time to time, the details may seem before, but still not before the end of project works.

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