New details of the renovation of Russian Air Force

January and February — a beautiful time in order to tell us about their own plans for the future year. Not so long ago, were representatives of the Navy, and now the floor was the Commander of the Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin said. In this he said about the Sun the main directions of Russian Air Force relating to the creation and production of the latest technology.

New details of the Russian Air Force Updates

Plane T-50, produced by the company "Sukhoi" under the programs from "promising aviation complex tactical aviation" (PAK FA), currently runs the tests, and their claims to the course at the Air Force is not. All the works are in accordance with the planned schedule and backlog, if such there is, of minor importance, and on the overall progress of the test is not affected. At this point in the trial is just three copies of a promising fighter. According to the plans of the company, the developer and the customer, recently added to them three T-50. Through this program from a scheduled flight and other tests will be held in much less time, if I only used three already built aircraft. All in all, at the moment scheduled to make 14 copies of the pre-series fighter T-50. Most likely, they will be somewhat different from one another composition of the equipment, which is also beneficial for the tests. Already in 2013, a few boards will be transferred into trial operation. Clear "destination" Zelin did not call, but there is reason to believe that the first front pilots, who will develop the T-50, will be the employees Lipetsk Center of Combat deployment and re-training of flight personnel. Formal adoption of the T-50 armament, as well as the start of the series production, as expected and previously held in 2014-15. Reason to revise these terms have no air force.

Apart from the PAK FA is currently working on the program there are consonant with the title of the PAK DA, which implies the creation of a promising set of weapons to distant aircraft. Some unnamed premise, of course the money or technical character, command of the Russian Air Force was forced to review the terms of this project. In December last year a distant aircraft commander, Major-General A. Zhiharev read that the first flight of the new bomber will be far between 2020 and 2025. And after the 25th it will be put into service. Zelin said that these terms have to move for 3-5 years because the creation of a new aircraft serial office "Tupolev" (specifically assigned to it works on PAK DA) will start only in the late 20's. The sad news, but at the head of the Russian Federation in the area of the opponent's distant aircraft — the United States — working on a brand new bombers are no better. Their plans for the dates of creation, construction and adopting too many times shifted. If the plans of states will not change, the South American "strategist" rise up into the air without much advance regarding Russian. But only if no change of plans. In turn, while the PAK DA is not ready, tasks inherent in the Strategic Air Command, will make available aircraft. During this period, they will be upgrading. As the Zelin available Tu-160 will be updated to the state of the Tu-160M and Tu-95MS — to Tu-95MSM. Special configurations in the nomenclature of their weapons is not expected, but significantly increase the combat potential. Due to the latest avionics aircraft will be able to make better use of existing means of destruction. According to the calculations of the Air Force, it would be quite in order to available means "to wait" generation PAK DA. In addition, it may be the creation and launch of new, first created for the PAK DA, but at the same time compatible with the Tu-160M and Tu-95MSM.

New details of the Russian Air Force Updates

Not forgotten the command of the Air Force and MiG-31 interceptors. By 2020, 60 aircraft of this type will be converted in accordance with the project MiG-31BM. While working on finishing up version of "BM" aircraft will receive new sighting and navigation system, and the latest on-board radar. All this allows the MiG-31BM immediately detect up to 24 targets, and 10 of them accompany. With all of this electronics give airplane to fire up to eight targets at once. Taking into account the fact that the standard combat load the MiG-31 consists of four long-range missiles R-37, of the data for identifying, tracking and attack targets can be concluded that the improvement of the electronics, which provides for the exchange of information with other aircraft. The first reports of the modernization of the MiG-31 have appeared in the past year, and in Mon Zelin added details of the respective works. Also, he mentioned about the end of the creation of the newest missile interceptor for this. According to the commander, brand new rocket for the "Thirty-first" will have a huge range of more than the existing R-37, with its 300 kilometers. Title and precise launch the latest range missiles were not named.

The latest flare recently receive not only interceptor MiG-31, and anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph". Already this year, is expected to adopting a rocket 40N6E, the range of which is run record of 400 km. The highest altitude at which the newcomer rocket can hit targets, is 185 km. So Makarov, S-400 air defense system will be able to become vsepolnotsennym, able to work both in air and in the ballistic missile defense (in the case of enemy ballistic missiles of intermediate range). Air Force Commander also said that the C-400 in the long term will be used not only to cover Moscow. Certainly, when it produced a sufficient number of puzzles for this complex, new instances of "Triumph" will move off to serve in other parts of Russia.

New details of the Russian Air Force Updates

In the end, the last project, which opened Zahav on General Zelin — an unmanned aerial vehicle. Currently in service with the Russian Army are several types of UAVs, but they all belong to the light, or the middle class and are called to do reconnaissance or similar job. The development of world military affairs indicates that you need to keep in order and languid unmanned machines that can not only "snoop" on the enemy, and storm it. Until 2020, will take on armament multi-purpose heavy hammer or UAV. More disk imaging on a brand new Russian bespilotnike was provided: for the moment it ends up working out. Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov said that the drone will be released to the tests by the end of 2012. Based on foreign experience can be, what role will be assigned newcomer UAV. Most likely, it will be a machine capable of up to military action without being spotted enemy air defenses, to make pictures, television and radiotehicheskuyu reconnaissance of enemy positions. With the outbreak of hos
tilities, these devices will have to strike at the fundamental enemy targets without high risk of being shot down its anti-aircraft systems. Perhaps, at the command of our Air Force has some of his statements about the role of drones in modern warfare and the coming wars of the future, but for now languorous drones are used specifically for the purposes outlined.

If we ignore the specific steps that will be made in the near future, right now the overall development strategy of Russian Air Force looks followed by: Appliances such as aviation and air defense missile systems, must become "smarter." This will allow to minimize the burden on the person and, as a consequence, facilitate the work of the personnel, and prevent the possibility of different nasty incidents due to the "human factor" that could lead to severe consequences. In this strategy absolutely fit the available re-winged cars new sets of avionics. A similar approach will be able to ensure the preservation and improvement of defense capabilities of the Air Force as a whole, and in the following years, this will allow easier re-training of personnel for the development of new types of aircraft and ground vehicles. Only for the development in this direction are required decent cash investments. We will lay pledged at 20 trillion rubles re not really lost tangible impact on the country's defense.

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