New developments Russian tank designers

Development of promising Russian tank (to 195) was conducted UKBTM (JSC "Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau", the H-Tagil) under the theme "Improving the 88", but for some reasons of success not have gained.

Also, do not address the issue equip Russian tanks thermal imaging devices, surveillance and targeting (TVP) of the latest generation of corresponding modern counterparts. At the moment you can with reasonable confidence to imagine that development within the framework of the federal target programs from "infravid" With years of success is not, Russian tanks are equipped with products zabugornogo production.

Along with the development of a promising tank carried on the modernization and development projects have already been made within the framework of the ROC "Motoball" and "Slingshot-1." The main executors of works: VNIITransmash JSC "Federal State Unitary Enterprise" UKBTM "Federal State Unitary Enterprise" design bureau ", JSC" Spetsmash. "

Studies have focused on the overarching modernization of existing tanks on features of firepower and mobility, but the implementation in mass production and modernization, they do not actually have.
Major upgrade on the nuances of the above programs when necessary — the creation of the modern boxes, which will be able to provide an advantage over the series-produced cars in all major indicators and improve the firepower of the tank with the software features making it possible to defeat the enemy of modern designs with a probability close to 100%.

The problem of improving the firepower includes a fire control system, and the decision to increase the power of ammunition.

New developments of the domestic tank builders

At the radio station "Echo of Moscow" spokesman Vladimir GABTU Voitov, said that "the so-called object 640 does not exist, and development has taken place." Extension of the concept inherent in the "object 640" was the development of "Bourlak."

Along with the development of a UKBTM tank with the latest build "Object 195" in the Company KBTM (Omsk) was conducted development the least promising of the tank structural design under the theme "Burlak", which according to recent data also suspended.

More than just implemented a promising option for the development of Russian tanks are KBTM development within the creation of one of the crew compartment with double-flow mechanism autoloader with full automation is located in the tank ammunition (and more than 36 rounds). TCC developed (transport and loading container) of different sizes — 14, 32 … shot.

New developments of the domestic tank builders

Unified fighting compartment with double-flow AZ (OCD Bourlak). Tower can be installed on new tanks, tanks also upgraded, such as T-72, T-80, T-90 and their modifications, enhancing their security. On the side wall of the tower is attached lightly armored bay to accommodate an autonomous anti-aircraft machine gun, which is a front projection closed the security module.

The main advantage of making under the ROC "Burlak" is a complete approach to ensure the integrity of the tank and its firepower.

This is achieved by Innovative solutions that implement within the existing assembly without fundamentally chassis configurations and the crew compartment to tank, possessing traits of a promising based on available technology and the deepest configurations mass production. Layout solutions offered under the "Burlak" will improve the survivability of the tank with the defeat of ammunition, with the placement of it in an insulated compartment, equipped with a knock-out plates.

Accommodation refueling in the turret of the tank can achieve balance and towers, as it should, the upcoming increase of armor protection frontal projection.

Features of the newest tower:

· Modular booking — quick protection modules and can be modified by the forces of combat damage repair units in the field criteria. In addition, during the forthcoming modernization of old tanks previously released security modules can be changed by new, more efficient, made with the latest technological advances in armor protection.
· Increased inner volume of 2.5 m3 due to what may be position The onboard equipment that meets modern requirements of a command to do better maneuverability and ergonomics of the crew compartment.
· Tower adapted to be removable armor transport and loading container with automatic loading mechanism.

New developments of the domestic tank builders

Quick protection modules are a combination of dynamic and "passive" protection. Protective modules do not aggravate criterion landing and leaving the tank mehannikom-driver.

For details, see Status and prospects for greater protection of modern tanks

The implementation of measures to enhance the protection of armored turret of the T-90A and T-80 is difficult because of the huge imbalance since the tower.

New military branch "Burlak" created for newly manufactured tank with the newest tower and for the modernization of already made (T-90, T-80) without replacing the tower.

Placed behind the turret of the tank refueling has the highest privileged, but even in the event of his defeat of the crew remains intact, and the tank can be repaired even in the field criteria. Installation of reactive armor on the sides of the turret provides protection against attacks by the enemy (RPG) is significantly superior to standard series of tanks.

Application of the new removable armor transport and loading container with automatic loading mechanism allows you to use modern shells overestimated the power (extended length). Another advantage of a separate placement of ammunition from the crew, which significantly increases the safety of the crew and the tank as a whole. Works with both standard shots and with new oversized power separate charges.

New developments of the domestic tank builders

So can look modernized tank T-80 with a set of RS "Relic" and the new automatic loader. Housed behind the tower autoloader claimed the development of new equipment scuba tank driving (OPVT).

In the pipeline AZ T-72B/T-90 tank is located only 22, and the other 21 shot — non-mechanized combat pack in the hull and turret, the completion of assembly flow with new shots done by hand, asks significant effort and cost of time (during rapid charging of non-mechanized laying of 1 , 5 — 2 Minutka) that in a combat situation increases the possibility of defeat the enemy and therefore is a significant drawback.

Proposed option modernization solved task increases battle the effectiveness of the T-72, T-80 and T-90 to the level of modern requirements by installing zabashennogo AZ. In the turret of a tank with the fighting compartment is the second autoloader is equipped conveyor carousel (similar to AZ T-72) with cassettes laying shells, located at the bottom of the hull.

So Makar, a modernized tank ammunition of all automated, with the defeat zabashennogo AZ (TCC) tank can continue to fight using the AZ located at the bottom of the housing. In the presence of enemy tanks loading is overestimated the power of the shot zabashennogo autoloader, in other cases, shots of AZ is located at the bottom of the housing.

To intensify the development of upgraded (based on ROC "Burlak") of the T-72B, T-72B1, T-80, T-80BV, T-90 (T-80 "Burlak" T-90 "Burlak") is developing a complex computerized educational tools.
The objectives of the modernization

T-72 tanks and their modifications, including T-90 no longer meet modern requirements, based on the following: in the modern Russian and zabugornyh tanks, including the "Leclerc", "Abrams" modifications "Leopard 2" greatly increased protection of the frontal projection. The effectiveness of armor-piercing shells, in response to increased security was also increased at the expense of growth, priemuschestvenno, the active part of a sabot core, performed the highest density of metal, for example, depleted uranium, and by making more of the highest initial velocity of the projectile by the use of a massive charge . In the autoloader T-72 are positioned elongated shells, much less unitary shots, does not seem likely.

New developments of the domestic tank builders

The autoloader T-72 and its modified T-90 is located in the tower at the bottom of the tank is equipped with a carousel conveyor and equipped with a lifting mechanism shots. Projectile length is limited dimensions of the conveyor.

The increase in exploration and aiming abilities weapon system implemented by increasing the review of the tank commander with the use of panoramic observant-sighting systems, including additional weapons control object. Detection, identification and tracking of the target in an automatic mode to guarantee its destruction of the tank guided weapons using automatic tracking.

If in development "Burlak" full visible approach to firepower and protection of the tank, the development UKBTM chosen a different path.

New developments of the domestic tank builders

In a brand new development version of AZ UKBTM cassette rotating conveyor arranged vertically, it is not only not make better security and usability of the crew compartment of the tank, and will lead to the opposite result. Unresolved is the question of the upcoming increase of armor protection of the tower due to the huge imbalance moment.

Advantages of the upgraded tanks:

The range of technical solutions to increase the level of protection including the modernization to increase the survivability of the explosion of ammunition (isolated compartments for fuel, lifting plate, etc.).
It is powered ammunition in the TCC and AZ at the bottom of the hull, with the defeat zabashennogo AZ (TCC) tank can continue to fight using the AZ located at the bottom of the housing.

Reliable protection The tank crew from death when exposed to either of the cumulative kinetic projectile.
The ability to implement shots overestimated the power from the BTS extension with oversized super-dense core of the single-component and composite materials and improved SD.

Increasing the efficiency of the fight with manpower and air targets.

The introduction of a modular combined armor complete with dynamic protection.

Increasing levels of command agility set information management system that integrates communications, control, diagnostics, computer information processing and intelligence.
Improved SLA by extending the search and accuracy characteristics, the pan, of equally complex management tool of the commander and gunner for the implementation of the principle of "hunter-shooter."

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