New digital radio VI-generation Excitement-P1 from 2013 will come en masse to the troops

In April 2012, successfully ran radio state tests VI-generation "Excitement-P1." They are intended for secret communications and provided tactical error-correcting razvedzaschischennostyu. Able to tune into any frequency, to provide link even with mobile phones and conduct reception of modulated signals. After the test, the radio station "Excitement-P1" were recommended for the adoption.

New digital radio VI-generation "Excitement-P1 'from 2013 will come en masse to the troops

Radio station classified tactical communications company developed "Angstrom" according to the modernization of existing communication systems in service, which takes place on the direct order of the supreme commander.

Radio station performed only on the Russian element base. Base PC Excitement P1 — Russian processor at 1GHz, the development of production corresponds to the 65nm process. Provides voice crypto data on a wide range of frequencies. The installed software allows you to match the radio communication with all appliances running at all measurement standards for the opportunity to work on changing radio protocols.

New digital radio VI-generation "Excitement-P1 'from 2013 will come en masse to the troops

First delivery of 650 sets of staff will go to the SOUTH at 8 and 12 Mountain Brigade and the 19th sep mot bde. According to the plans of command, in 2013, in the sun will go about 23,000 handheld radios, "Passion-P1."

Known properties of Passion-P1:
— Length / width / height PP — 195/70/40 mm;
— data rate to 7.2 kbit / s;
frequency of pseudo — 20 000 ck / s;
— accuracy for GLONASS / GPS less 25/25/40 meters (width / length / height);
— Reception: scanning (this frequency), the duty;
transmissionBy: time division multiple access, text (TETRA);
— Entry codes link;
— possibility of transmission / reception via a wired / wireless channels (IR, Bluetooth);
— temperature range Worker / limit — (-30 +50) / (+50 -50) degrees;
— time of more than 6 hours from the 1st BATT;
— frequency spectra MV/DMV1 — 27-220/220-520 MHz with a step in this grid;
— connectors — USB2.0 and RS-485
— range of up to 4 km;
— welcome-file transfer, voice, text, maps, encryption code;
— conjugation with R-163/168/169, Duo;
— file storage — 521 MB;
— Price sounded almost 266,000 rubles.

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