New direction colonization of space

The new direction of practical development of space offered inventor "Nikolai Agapov." Unlike recognizable promising concepts, such as the extraction of helium-3 on the moon or gallakticheskogo tourism scenario gallakticheskoy industry, posted on the website of internationality philosophical and cosmological society does not ask hard technology or prohibitive costs money, but is able to attract private investment to gallakticheskoy development of industry and the development of extraterrestrial resources.

The emergence of the concept, able to mobilize the resources of the world economy on space exploration that allows you to move from the research phase gallakticheskogo site to its large-scale practical development. The main difference between the proposed scenario creator that rate it is not made for new technologies and new ways of coordinating activities, making its implementation more accessible, both from a technical point of view and in terms of funding.

Gallakticheskoy base of the industrial system should make "Industrial gallakticheskaya group" serves as a means of development and maintenance of near-Earth satellites. Satellite industry — already an established practice sector of space exploration, with a total turnover of about $ 200 billion, and continues to develop rapidly. But satellites, in fact the case, — automatic, very attached to the service, they were profitable in economic terms, but can not serve as a means of upcoming space exploration. In addition, the machines break down in space, and the more difficult they become, the more expensive it becomes a risk of loss from technical problems, failure of some short-lived systems, reduces their life. For service and repair satellites in space require the presence of persons and the respective infrastructure. Industry, designed for satellite service, is a logical continuation of the development of commercial Astronautics, from satellites in low Earth orbit by space exploration people. Industry group includes several projects gallakticheskih transportation systems, resource base on the moon and commercial space station, which serves as a transportation hub and a support base in the near-Earth space.

As the main launch vehicle payload into orbit meant to use the transport system, consisting of a special lightweight light carrier, which acts as a cheap "workhorse" rocket — "Pony". And the space station that serves as the transport mounting center "Spaceport".

Special media — Pony with lightweight engines and control systems, has a low capacity, but it is simple and cheap, its creation can be put on stream at low cost. Due to the limited capacity Pony must deliver satellites to the spaceport in part, for the next assembly, and translation into the working orbit.

System "Pony — Spaceport" were based on conventional and proven designs, but it can provide cargo from Earth to orbit at low cost and makes a confident way for the commercialization of manned astronautics. The functioning of this system will allow repeatedly to lower the price of excretion, up to $ 1,000 per kilogram of payload to 3, 5, thousand common to the ordinary for a cheap most common carriers.
Of empty plastic tanks missiles "Pony" at the spaceport can be obtained organic fuel, which makes the base of the 1st of the first commercial production in orbit.

Base orbital transportation systems should make reusable gallakticheskie tugs, with the least powerful, but more economical plasma electro-reactive engines, receiving energy from solar generators. Cost effective plasma orbital tugs allows them to transport workers between the orbits of satellites and space port, linking the entire Earth grouping into a single system. They also allow you to set constant traffic bridge to the moon and other planets that actually unattainable using conventional chemical rockets. Switching to reusable orbital tug will allow to move freely in space and gallakticheskom repeatedly to lower the price of flights between the orbits.

One of the features of plasma engines — in their multi-fuel, they are able to consume at least some affordable "working body" as components of conventional rocket fuel, neutral water, such as water or watery oxygen and solids in the form of a fine powder.

The major fuel for orbital tugs on the views of the creator, should serve as a dusty lunar soil, the fuel produced at the lunar base. Creating a combustible powder on the Moon, asks essentially least-cost than watery substances. "Mineral dust" without considering ease of manufacture has several other advantages over the watery fuel, such as the highest density and stability in storage. It does not boil in a vacuum, simply withstand temperature from absolute zero to a hundred degrees, stored in space is asking for specific criteria.
For removing the fuel powder into orbit from the surface of the moon, it is intended to use a strong mechanical catapult — "lunar sling", which is a rotor similar to a helicopter, but with ribbons kilometer length of Kevlar or carbon fiber instead of the blades. The low gravity and lack of atmosphere on the moon can be used instead of conventional mechanical devices of jet engines.

Moonlight sling is not asking cost of fuel, but allows for delivery of raw materials into orbit on an industrial scale, reducing the price of shipping materials space from the moon to the purely symbolic in comparison with deducing from Earth.

Lunar soil can be used not only as fuel for plasma engines, and as a raw material for processing into watery oxygen, and clay products metalaa in orbital production centers.

Value creation powder raw material base on the moon is in the range of 10 billion dollars, which is not beyond the ability of investors, but the available lunar resources will repeatedly lower costs orbital transport and makes way for the development of various industries in orbit. Commercial raw lunar base provides economic justification of human activities on the Moon and its forthcoming industrial colonization.

Orbital stations have to do a lot of different functions, serving as transport centers, bases for orbital tugs for various mounting, technological or industrial activity, acting as support bases for human activity in the near-Earth space.

All of near-Earth transport operating system should work for the service of commercial orbital vehicles, returning the funds invested in it in the form of lower prices gallakticheskih services.

The activities of industrial grouping allows repeatedly to lower the price and launch satellites to increase their life almost to obsolescence.

In addition, it makes the ability to develop new projects, such as a system of communications satellites in low orbit with the highest area of the antenna array capable of receiving cell phone calls and to broadcast on television and radio individual that will make gallakticheskie information services affordable and available everywhere, attracting in space 10's billions of dollars of new investment.
Gallakticheskie solar power plant, consisting of ultra-light, film, concentrating mirrors and large areas of industrial power generators, which could provide a base nezapyatannoy and fuel-less future global energy system, increasing turnover gallakticheskoy groups to hundreds of billion and a trillion dollars and transformed it into one of the leading global industries.

Development Astronautics on the proposed industrial scenario leads to a strong gallakticheskuyu grouping, which includes a permanent transportation infrastructure, lunar orbit and industrial centers in the perspective of several decades. With such gallakticheskoy
group, the population of the earth will be able to proceed to the active exploration of outer space and the nearest planets, which will cause a transition of human civilization gallaktichesky a planetary level.

Flying first rockets did gallakticheskoe easily accessible place, but after 50 years of development Astronautics gallakticheskaya expansion of the world's population is still perceived as a futuristic fantasy. In the scientific community accepted the idea that the main obstacles in the way of space colonization are waybill gallakticheskih projects and lacking for this level of technology. But the scenario does Agapov space exploration cost-effective and easily accessible for today's investors, allowing it to begin colonization in the coming term.

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