New intelligence himmashina RHM-5 or Russian Sperm Whale?

The latest intelligence himmashina RHM-5 or Soviet "Sperm Whale"?

GLONASS satellite system, the most complex computer technology and high-level technical properties — all united in a brand new chemical intelligence machine, mined at the moment Tula paratroopers. She was not buried, not burns and can even fly. RHM-5 — a real bunker on the tracks holding with all this good maneuverability and relatively low weight. RHM-5 can easily reach speeds of 10 to a few of kilometers of cross-country and offers the highest protection of the crew from the harmful acts of various tools, including weapons of mass destruction. Such intelligence himmashina for airborne units, which are always at the point of attack or thrown into the enemy's rear, just need.

"Universal scout" for Airborne was designed and created in Tula. "Plant Tula" has long been engaged in the creation himmashin for the Russian armed forces. The enterprise has even created whole KB. Fly, swim and go RHM-5 can actually any point or at least to which object on the ground, then, is already upon arrival at the place of destination, — to conduct radiological, biological or chemical reconnaissance. With all the crew remains inside the machine and monitoring the situation through the visor.

Bimbo chemical reconnaissance vehicle only started to arrive in the Russian troops, and is currently at the site near Tula Tesnitskoe tested several samples. The soldiers of the 106th Airborne Division to make this any conditions. A means "himrazvedchik on the tracks" will soon take its place in the Navy.

But not a bad memory of the machine spoils a lot of other communications relating to RHM-5. If you believe the Internet portal, RHM-5 passing tests at the site near Tula, essentially, the RHM "Sperm Whale", which was created in the Russian's. New himrazvedchik as the "sperm whale", created on the basis of 6-Katkova chassis made in the 70 years of the MT-LB — multipurpose transporter truck.

As you know, chemical reconnaissance vehicle for the airborne VgTZ was created in 2002. As the base of the BMD-3 was used. New himrazvedchik was designated RHM-5 "Wagon D-1" ("to 958", 5 mono-pitch roller on board). Done by an experienced model, which many times printed in the journal "Military Parade", on the marketing pages, and other recurring publications. Creating a chemical reconnaissance vehicle based on the BMD-3, it was a logical decision, as the troops should be standardized chassis. The establishment of this machine launched in 2009 in "Zavod Tula." In addition, this machine was revolutionary for the Russian defense industry solution: 7.62-mm machine gun, controlled remotely.

On the basis of the BMD-3 apart RHM-5 "The cart D-1" created 2S25 "Octopus", BTR-MD "Shell", PMM-D, North 2S31 "Vienna" and other machines. But the basic BMD-3, like the BMD-4, in the creation of high-volume did not go. Completely forgetting about the unification of the chassis for airborne combat vehicles, it was decided do BMD based on the BMP-3 "Kurgan". So Makarov was obtained absolutely brand new machine Navy designation for BMD-4 and bukovkoy "M". Ultimately Kurgan designers have shortened (5-Katkov) BMP-3 which has a classic for airborne combat vehicles Volgograd production aft. In the manufacture of hulls reduced BMP-3 were used duralumin alloys. But even with this "hybrid" car, everything is far not the best way: during 2011, the Navy planned to deliver 10 BTR-MD "Shell" and BMD-4M first parties, in other words, from the initial schedule backlog amounted to two years. In addition, the execution of this order was in question: becoming a monopoly supplier of tracked armored vehicles for the Army and Navy, "Kurgan" To be presented to the customer claims for the delay in funding.

The latest intelligence himmashina RHM-5 or Soviet "Sperm Whale"?

With military equipment for airborne troops developed paradoxical situation, because no one has repealed the creation of "octopus", "Shells" and other armored vehicles BMD-3 family, although their creation on VgTZ has difficulties. It turns out that the Navy are required to have two different types of chassis-based combat vehicles BMP-3 and BMD-3, which threatens VgTZ — is the usual suppliers of equipment for airborne troops — was in dire Fin. position, complete zero. But so far due to their lack of new troops in BMD special machines will be created, probably on an old Russian chassis, such as the MT-LB.

In 2011, it was reported that for the airborne troops developed brand new 5-7-track rollers unified platform. Perhaps the base will be truncated BMP-3 "Kurgan", in other words, the BMD-4M, or brand new platform (report that desantiruemye BMP-3 is not satisfied by Airborne demands placed upon it), and her 7-rollers to extended options will be translated " Octopus "," Shells "2S36" breaking down "(self-propelled artillery), and other special machines airborne troops. When that happens, as before, is unclear.

Looking at the RHM-5 for Airborne based RHM "Sperm Whale" is also a killer for VgTZ leapfrog with BMD, I remember last year's call of D. Medvedev a day Airborne: "We need to learn the latest, high-tech equipment and weapons." Like, take what is, for the Unification cared — just need to wait a couple of years. On the website of the Ministry of Defence and other websites information about chemical testing machine intelligence RHM-5 at the site Tesnitskoe was not shown.

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