New items XXI century

New items XXI centuryScientists have invented a new laser — a nanoscale laser that is specifically grown on the surface of a silicon chip, it opens up the ability to build a modern microelectronics. It must have all the electronic processing of signals in a single circuit diagram. The novelty has praised producers household tools: tile cutters, drills, rotary hammers.
This new product has shown scientists from the Institute of designers at Berkeley. They neatly Conn. silicon lattice as the base of the groups of the periodic table.
Because of the differences of atoms combining materials at enormous disadvantage affecting the work of the new device. But the creators of innovations have come up with a very narrow control technology for the crystal.
Scientists are arranged in the chamber silicon wafer was heated to 400 ° C and began to uniformly enhance gas as desired substance. So there was a crystal on a substrate of gallium arsenide. In general, 272-gram narrow radio is actually no different from their own colleagues.

The British released the radio for the shower with a microturbine — will find whether the utsroystvo popularity among Russians.

Musical equipment for the bathroom is not particularly popular in our country, let alone think about, that is device worked from alternative energy source. Or is greenish British, wishing to save energy on what you can.
In order for the receiver to work, you need to fix device between the pipe and the shower hose and turn the water on.

First in its own way H20 Power Radio holds a small water wheel, which works just like its huge colleagues. The flow of water in the tube spins the small wheel, feeds generator Prorab. With all this excess energy is stored in the internal battery. as for all this suffering water pressure coming out of the shower head, but how would this engineers have taken care of Albion. In Russia, this device not yet for sale, but it seems that the fashion of the UK — and soon gets to us, as we got to the other extraordinary device.

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