New lightweight rugs for self ts

New lightweight rugs for self vehicles

Faun Trackway introduced new lightweight mats self-recovery transportnoyh funds (Light Weight Vehicle Recovery Mat, LVRM) That increase the permeability of ground tf. New easy mat is designed self-recovery bogged down vehicles weighing up to 10 tons.

Company has developed a new mat, It consists in using strong fabric inserts, and reinforced epoxy cross bars to ensure uniform load rassredotachivanie wheels of military and civilian vehicles with pneumatic tires.

LVRM system weighs 4 kg and is suitable for use in very myagenkoy mud or snow, as the sand and other loose soils. According to the company, the rug can be rapidly deployed by hand to minimize the time the car is motion. Non-slip mat material is resistant to reducing their own properties when subjected to chemical and biological causes and can simply be cleaned and packaged for the upcoming use. The standard size mat is 1.4 m?, But there is the possibility of other dimensions of the order and capable of meeting the special requirements of customers.

Holdkraft Michael (Michael Holdcraft), vice president of business development at Faun Trackway, said: "Expeditionary Force who use small cars, showing great enthusiasm to reliable, easy means to self-recovery, such as those supplied by us LVRM. Brand new system methodically complements the existing list of our products, improving throughput jeeps at an even lower weight. We are convinced that it will be popular in a number of military organizations. "

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