New materials reinforce the military potential of the United States

New materials reinforce the military potential of the United StatesSouth American Office in Research released the results of an experimental design is completely new material for different types of warheads. In the United States, work on this stuff lasted about 10 years, and this material can already be considered acquired. His project title sounds like HDRM, which translated into Russian means "high-density reactive material." The composition of the substance to the latest South American instruments include polymeric compounds and integration of several metals at once. This makes filling material truly compact, but at the same time, and quite ductile — at myagenkoy steel. What are the main advantages of HDRM?

The main advantage of the developers of the new material is exactly what it can withstand the tremendous acceleration at launch missiles with warheads, and its ability to increase the killing power of up to 5 times. If the associate housing HDRM with the ordinary iron, the steel only does the material created for transportation. The new well material he has participated in the defeat of the task. So HDRM-shells when exposed to warm themselves up to tremendous temperatures. This in turn is accompanied by a special kind of chemical reaction with the release of high energy. The energy value of seeking the point where the goal absolutely amazed.

Test results on a U.S. landfills have allowed to establish that HDRM, due to its special properties, leads to even the smallest damage than in the case of the warhead with an iron casing. These results can read and potentially the least number of casualties in the middle of the civilian population. When the modern doctrine of military technology it allows you to use material both as a body of warheads for naval forces, as well as with respect to the missile defense system.

New materials reinforce the military potential of the United StatesDespite the higher price new material, it must promptly paying back. This is due to the fact that the purpose of settlement previously took more ammunition. Savings based on Ordnance HDRM is the main factor reducing the overall costs to the rearmament of the army of the United States.

It is planned that at the end of August will be held control test firing. If they lead to the desired result, the large-scale tests of warheads carried on the basis of high-density reactive material, will begin in September.

It should be noted that the studies of the first results of the implementation HDRM-shells showed that they behave more stable when driving and precisely hit the target.

Surprisingly, but in the development of a new thermoplastic material participated not only South American scientists and engineers, and their Indian counterparts. For his development of a team of professionals from India was awarded the greatest rewards. It remains to wait for the introduction of the new material in a batch creation of warheads that absolutely state increased combat power of the United States in the naval sphere and in the field of missile defense.

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