New metal curtain

New Iron CurtainAlready, it would seem, is not only lazy has permitted himself to take stock of the past year. All these striped revolution and economic collapse gradually transformed if not daily, then forced the population to the land for themselves to get used to. Even when a disgruntled raging crowds in the streets of Arab capitals, most Russians do not including heartburn does not appear.

But against this backdrop that addiction is almost universal in our eyes grow new iron curtain, which is now being built, what is called, on the other side. And if the main attribute of an old Steel Curtain was the Berlin wall, the new attribute, even the title is a completely homemade — PAP — Phased Adaptive Approach to European missile defense deployment. And PAP takes the form of the same wall, which, instead of brick, built of missiles of different radii act ground-based radars and warships equipped with interceptor missiles. And if a few years back our homeland fed any illusions about the fact that this is the PAP European missile defense system is not reincarnated as a real fence of the amounts actually threaten the security of the country, in the past year, these illusions were dispelled all.

Building the layered missile defense system in Europe is not just raises the danger of the Russian Security, it simply animates the confrontation of systems, translating it into real practice. Oral accusations toward Moscow will not impress the politicians in Washington, DC, for developed system under direct pressure from the European train protection danger frenzied Iranian regime.

It must be said that many Europeans spoke aggressively against new attempts to return a typical metal (core) curtain of the United States. These countries include, for example, the Czech Republic. But coupled with the fact a number of countries decided themselves that dissociate itself from the Russian Federation at least a part of the European missile defense system will not be redundant.

Th September 2011 turned out to be more productive for the United States in terms of the latest programs from their own. The first agreement on deploying a radar warning sign especially fearful of the Turks, who, apparently, decided to protect themselves from both the Russian "threat", and on the property of the East "partner" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The agreement stated that radar will begin Barrage announcing job in the south-east Turkey in the town Kyurechik.

Less than a couple of weeks, the Romanian authorities, it is gratifying holding back a little smirk, signed a contract to place on the ground of their own country to the beginning of 2015 of the "Aegis" curb interceptor missiles SM-3 Block IB.

Less than a 2-days as the baton took Poland, which was determined to have a new nuclear curtain took place on its territory. Because entered signed another 3 year contract back to place missile defense sector in Redzikowo and Slupsk. At the same locality and earn their own radar systems and logistics, and even the control room.

Turkish, Polish and Romanian triangle Euro missile defense sector is not the only one left as a barrier from the "Russian threat."

In addition, the South American government did not miss the ability to negotiate with the so-referred to as an old Europeans. For example, with Spain in October contracted with Washington to place in the south of the Iberian Peninsula combat missile with SM-3 on the board. City of Cadiz (Roth) razlyubezno will open its gates for U.S. naval ships.

At the end of 2011, the South American negotiators have assured the Dutch government that it is time to start upgrading their (Dutch) frigates filled with outdated beliefs on the U.S. missile defense system.

By the most conservative estimates, if the pace of building new nuclear curtain will remain and the future, by the end of 2018 at the disposal of the Yankees will be in Europe for 43 sectors of the ship with a missile and ground whole group with the most disparate radars and interceptor missiles. And, despite the fact that the Americans claim only the defensive disposition European missile defense against Iranian attacks on the unshakable foundations of their (U.S.) version of democracy, we can with certainty state that such system will be a real cover and START and NATO nuclear dual-purpose. With all due respect to the progress of Iran at that obviously is not in the latter is not expected of weapons capable of somehow affect the security of the same Dutch or Spanish.

So the question is, against whom built new metal curtain of the radars and missiles, completely rhetorical.

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