New principles for filling military units recruits

New principles for filling military units recruitsWhen it is illustrative of the military units in Russia, it is almost always part of such status, described in the media, are now in the Metropolitan military environment. Everything seemed to be as clear — Central Our homeland and means necessary to not only the area to keep in order, and keep a competent job with the personnel. But do not think that in the other war around, things are quite bad. Now, according to the testimony of those soldiers who not long ago were either currently are serving, in terms of equipment and discipline in the best possible way stand out many parts of the North Caucasus.

The measured funding and reform in the field of training led to the fact that except for domestic perfection: TV in the barracks, built-in washing machine in the laundry room, kitted out with new equipment medical items, there is also new cases between military. Many attribute this to the fact that most of the troops in the North Caucasus — contractors, many of them managed to take part in a number of counter-terrorism operations. In all this there are whole battalions, which are formed only on the national principle as fellow soldiers from the local inhabitants, and the commanders of the same region. Someone calls itself principle fill military units — Departure from the traditional Russian system of formation of the army, but now, maybe this is the only way to solve the problem, which specifically in the North Caucasus, acquired in the near future most bad shape. It is a question of friendly association, when the young man, who arrived for duty, for example, the city of Makhachkala from Siberia, across from bolshennymi neuvvyazkami. In the Siberian military units as soldiers, called up from the Caucasian republics, have tried to create such conditions that the surrounding "caved" under their will. Not far away at all, even the most experienced and commanders lacked the determination and capacity to restore order, guided only by the Regulations of the Armed Forces.

In this regard, avoiding the formation principle military units "Every little helps" can fully give way to the principle of "where I was born there and handy." It is advisable even as more people know about their own region and the principles of it, than on where it crosses the military enlistment office, and a cost to the defense budget — even less. With other side of the shelf, consisting entirely of his countrymen, may cause disapproval of those who served on quite different criteria. But why not take such innovations if they will play for the benefit of the Russian army.

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