New ships for the Caspian Flotilla

The last few decades Caspian flotilla Soviet and later Russian Federation was not the highest priority unit of the Russian Navy. Due to geographic and political characteristics of the region for a long time, it was not given much importance. The fact is that in the old days the Caspian Sea "shared" among themselves only Russian Alliance and Iran. The latter is not specifically listed as unsafe enemy in terms of sea battles, as in strengthening the Caspian Flotilla beheld not make sense. Everything changed with the collapse of the USSR, when instead of the 2-states on the Caspian Sea coast appeared immediately 5. By the of — successor to the Soviet Union — and Iran added Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Accordingly, complicated and separation of the inland sea. Until now, no specific international agreements on the subject of the section and the shelf of the Caspian area.

New ships for the Caspian Flotilla

Specifically, the affiliation of the mineral and other natural resources of the Caspian Sea, according to the views of the vast number of professionals in the future may be a precursor of military clashes. Because, regardless of its peaceful policy towards the sea, the Russian Federation should be engaged in the development of their own forces in the Caspian Sea. In the last couple of years, such acts of individual cases were transformed into perceptible trend. First, it is necessary to note the general intentions about the Caspian Flotilla. According to the state armaments program 2020 to 2018 real part of the flotilla must be updated by 90%. In addition, the development of new vehicles includes all the features of their future service in the Caspian criteria.

At the current time on Zelenodol'sk Shipyard build a descent two small artillery ship Project 21631 "Buyan-M", "Hail Svijazhsk" and "Uglich." In addition, two ships of the same class ("Astrakhan" and "Volgodonsk"), but more of early Project 21630 "Buyan" are already on the Caspian Sea, and the third — "Makhachkala" — will be commissioned this year. In addition to the ships built or under construction projects 21630 and 21631 is planned to build about 10 a minute.

Projects "Desperado" and "Buyan-M" are exciting not only because they will be the basis of the shock force of the Caspian Flotilla. In a certain sense, they represent a new type of ships. The last 10-12 years, Western military and designers are working on promising coastal ships. For example, the South American programm LCS involves the creation of ships similar to corvettes, adapted to the action near the shore. Background of the South American enthusiasm for such ships are worth a separate discussion, and we will not dwell on them. But to see the start of construction prerequisites Russian projects of small missile ships, to a large extent similar to the LCS. Most of the RF border runs along a small depth of water bodies, including rivers. In such criteria to border guards or military ships Mariners needed specifically like "whoop it up". The size of these ships are fully suitable for use in these criteria: the overall length of 62 meters, depth — 2 m and a displacement of 500 tons (for project 21631). Armament ships are also quite likely to clashes in the criteria for lakes, rivers or the same of the Caspian Sea. Main battery "Hellraiser" — 100-mm gun mount A-190. In addition to her crew features 2 tumbovymi installations with 14.5-mm machine guns and CPV launcher A-215, set to fire rockets complex BM-21 "Grad". For protection against enemy aircraft and helicopters "brawlers" are equipped with 2 30-mm anti-aircraft machine guns AK-306. Ships Project 21631 will also receive a launcher for anti-ship missiles "Movement" or "Onyx". It is necessary to make a small slip of the tongue. Due to the nature of service in the Caspian Sea only two "Buyan-M" will be used to serve there. Others are planned to be included in the Black Sea Fleet. The main tactical task ships of projects 21630 and 21631 is to patrol the coastal zone. In addition, the design allows them to move and at the mouths of rivers, of course, if the respective depth of the latter.

First, this year the Caspian Flotilla made up watchdog ship "Dagestan", belonging to the project 11661. This ship is "sistershipom" of today's flagship flotilla — "Tatarstan". Patrol with a displacement of about half a thousand tons and have direct artillery and missile weapons. So, to deal with poorly protected targets a 76-mm gun mounts AK-176 machine gun and two CPW. In addition, to the "Tatarstan" and "Daghestan" has two torpedo tubes, two anti-aircraft AK-630 and two launchers for the Kh-35 or "Calibre". According to his abilities ships of project 11661 are little immense power, if "brawlers." With all of this in the presence of "Buyan-M" missile associates of their ability. Project 11661 patrol Caspian Flotilla have the same purpose as the ships of projects 21630 and 21631: coastal patrol and special role in various operations directly to the fight against poaching.

At the current time only outfitting walls shipyards is an entire "fleet" of ships that will serve in the Caspian Flotilla. These are two small artillery ship projects "Desperado" and "Buyan-M", two guard-Project 22460 "Ruby" boat project 12200 "Sobol" and a few other boats and auxiliary vessels destination. In the current time of more than 30 warships and boats in the Caspian flotilla only half a dozen have the least 10-12 years of age. Available pace of construction of modern technology has not provided guarantees, but the coming of their build-up can lead to fully implement this plan to rearm. But even without the "acceleration" of Russian shipbuilders are fully capable to update the real part Caspian Flotilla if not the required 90% is at least 50-70%. At the same time, increase the pace of construction will entail not only update Flotilla, and the development of the shipbuilding industry as a whole.

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