New ships have begun the transition to the Caspian Flotilla

The newest ships began to move to the Caspian Flotilla

Ship's the Caspian Flotilla recently replenished with new modern warships.

July 4th in St. Petersburg began to shift new ship Russian Navy small gun ship (IAC) "Volgodonsk." Another new battle ship — missile ship (RK) "Dagestan" already makes a transition from the Dark of the Caspian Sea.

The ships have to pass on the sea and river routes over 2000 miles (4000 km). Arrival of ships on the Caspian Sea is expected in the second half of July.

On arrival at the Caspian flotilla crew RK "Dagestan" to go through the third step of municipal testing. MAK "Volgodonsk" already graduated from the municipal tests and admitted to the Navy at the end of 2011

Two new naval units and their crews in the naval forces of the fleet will accept a specific role in the active phase of the coming exercises "Caucasus-2012" in the fall of this year.

Missile ship "Dagestan" — the first ship Russian Navy, armed with a versatile missile system 'Caliber-NK ", able to use several types of high-precision missiles, both at surface and at shore targets at ranges of up to 300 km.

The main features of small artillery ship "Volgodonsk" are its small draft and outstanding maneuverability, this he is able to solve a wide range of problems in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea, at the mouth of the river and, as in other "narrow" water areas.

Construction of both types of ships are made in accordance with the requirements for radar cross section reduction of the so-called "stealth technology" (inclined planar surface superstructure, the presence of the bulwarks, hidden in the planes of the superstructure and deck, doors and hatches, no windows).

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