New South American UAV invisible, able to rocket from the deck of an aircraft carrier

Military U.S. Army again povydelyvalis its successful development in terms of military equipment. Who deals with the trials of a supernova unmanned fighter which will rocket from the deck of an aircraft carrier. Preliminary title of the drone — X-47B. Prior to the test take-off from the deck of an aircraft carrier Americans conducted tests UAV on the ground. It used to take off the steam catapult. Tests were successful, said by South American military that has given them a reason to declare the beginning of the modern era of naval aviation.

New U.S. Stealth UAV capable of taking off from the deck of an aircraft carrier

South American military are convinced that the launch of a new type of drone from the ground has proved its great potential for take-off in a limited space.

Now vice-admiral of the U.S. Navy, David Dunaway said that experts at work on X-47B compatible with the parameters of an aircraft carrier deck. Dunaway says that a few 10 s of years ago no one and had no idea of similar projects, and for the moment the United States is actually ready to implement plans to use a robotic drone.

From November 26, conducted tests X-47B on deck «Harry S. Truman ». It says that the Americans are already almost of days to announce that we are ready at the mass production of unmanned models that will be able to soar without problems and sit on the deck of aircraft carriers.

Americans say that the beginning of the test can be called a historic event, because of success of these tests depend on the very principles of naval aviation in the near future. With all of this in the United States considers its own project for a truly unparalleled, and so willing to go through with the plan of its realization are already lately.
Military publish video to mark the beginning tests robotic drone, which should become the newest sensation of aviation.

Teachings on board «Harry S. Truman »will have to end up in the middle of December. DefenseNews edition notes that the control of the maneuvers X-47B marine engineers will be performed with a remote.

New U.S. Stealth UAV capable of taking off from the deck of an aircraft carrier

Lieutenant Tarver is currently in ecstatic tones speaks about the trials of a new unmanned aerial vehicle. According to him, the test team feels a sense of ownership to what is called, in the role of a historical event is so important for the U.S. Navy. Larry Tarver adds that his team took special training aimed at ensuring a more efficient management of the movement of X-47B.

Himself X-47B can be called a breakthrough in the progress of unmanned aircraft. If earlier to start the drone had to be sure to use the spices on the ground, controlling takeoff and landing UAV, now all flight mission can fit in memory bortovik X-47B. The computer is capable of without the help of others to control the acts of the aircraft, including the most complex and such a maneuver as air refueling.

The new UAV will be on your own board, laser-guided bombs, which can reach speeds of around 800 km / h, reaching a maximum height above 12 km.

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