New standards of individual small arms foreign production

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

The range of personal automatic weapons of SCAR from Belgium «FN Herstal» (FN Herstal) widened with new models. One of the samples — 5.56 mm assault rifle, which has received index IAR.

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

This rifle outside is very similar to the rifle SCAR L / Mk 16, but has a very unique automation. It provides an opportunity to fire very highest intensity. For this system is applied, which changes modes guns. When a low level of heating barrel fire started in the "forward whispering" (before firing the shutter is in the front position) when the highest heat level — with "whispered back" (gate before the shot is in the rear position, the breech of the barrel open). Powerful trunk promotes and provides the opportunity to enjoy a long fire with high accuracy. In the conduct of a single shooting accuracy developers declared in one corner a minute, which is typical for a sniper weapon. Weight 5.08 kg rifle without bepripasov, the rate of fire of about 650 rds. / Min.

Even in spite of the declared systematically conjecture that segodnyaschy sniper rifle with great precision shooting should not be automatic, as the benchmark to hit a target only takes one shot, different companies are trying to make automatic or automatic sniper rifle.

Another similar attempt made specialists from Belgium.

On the basis of the rifle SCAR H / Mk 17 they have developed 7.62-mm sniper rifle SSR (Sniper Support Rifle). For firing the same ammunition used 7.62 x 51 mm. Weight 5.04 kg gun shops can hold 10-20 cartridges, barrel length is 508 mm.

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

New companies that create small tool, appear on the market for quite systematically, and most of the new costs a huge effort to achieve recognition of its own brand. Against this background, a very visible German company, called by the name of the 1st of the most famous weapons designer of the last century — Hugo Schmeisser.

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Interestingly, the main type of production offices "Schmeisser» (Schmeisser GmbH), is a different modification AR-15/M16 rifles, designed by Eugene Stoner Yankees.

MSR sniper rifle manufactured by the United States, "Remington» (Remington) has a modular design.

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Interchangeable barrels, shops and bolt head allow you to use 7.62 x 51 ammunition; .300 WM and .338 LM (which provides an effective range of up to 1500 m). Bed "skeleton" type made of light alloy, with the butt of a rifle folding. There is a barrel shroud. No mechanical sight. Barrel length can be from 508 to 686 mm, magazine capacity five, seven or 10 rounds.

Very exciting is the fact that the "return to order" one hundred percent vsepolnotsennyh automatic rifles using rifle cartridge, which seems to be very driven tool developed under the "intermediate" ammo. Only in recent years created a whole line of new models like the gun. One example is the Belgian rifle SCAR-H/Mk 17 rifle from Germany NK417 and the Swiss SIG SAPR751.

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Last created on the basis of Swiss rifle SIG SG 50, but under the munition 7.62 x 51 mm. USM provides the ability to fire in automatic and automatic modes, including cut-off bursts of 3 shots. Flag fuse-sided interpreter. The butt of the gun in a plastic folding. Magazine holds 20 rounds, rate of fire of 700 rds. / Min. Barrel length 751 SIG SARP is 417 mm, total length — 962 mm, weight without magazine — 3,725 kg.

Separately to say about the so-called small arms and grenade launcher system (CFS).

Experience in the use of personal automatic weapons in armed conflict last pores (first in Afghanistan and Iraq) again showed that the samples of automatic rifles that are in service with the Western coalition forces do not fully correspond to their requirements. This applies to the safety, ergonomics, ease of maintenance and operation, effective range of fire, striking the act. Modernization of the samples, which are in service, and equipping them with new targeting system is not allowed to completely solve the above prepyadstviya. On this basis, in the near future zabugornye leading manufacturers of guns have significantly stepped up the development of the latest models of guns in its class.

Many of these developments are, or completed, or are in the terminating stage and vigorously promoted in the market. Their common features are modular assembly, extensive use of light alloys and plastics for the production of the main components, the use of optical sighting devices as the main, planted in step designing the possibility of joining the under-barrel grenade launcher, reducing the total weight of the complex.

So, for example, 5.56 / 40 mm small arms and grenade launcher Beretta ARX160/GLX160 consists of 5.56 mm rifle to a 40 x 46-mm grenade launcher that can be used as a manual.

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

The modular design of the complex allows, after the substitution of a number of parts, use cartridges 5.56 x 45 mm, 5.45 x 39 mm, 7.62 x 39 mm, 6.8 x 43 mm. Gun ARX160 has a quick-change barrels length 406 or 305 mm, to reinstall the cocking handle. It is also possible to change the direction of reflection and empty cartridges. Folding buttstock with adjustable length (four positions to adjust the range of 65 mm). There are four universal mounting bracket and 6 belt anchorages. Bilateral controls. Folding rear sight and front sight. Color coating guns and dark olive.

Widespread use of polymers, including those in the construction receiver, plug and body shop USM, gave an opportunity to reduce the weight of the gun. The rifle without magazine with the barrel 305 mm and weighs less than 3 kg, in underbarrel grenade launcher version — 1 kg in the manual — 2.2 kg.

The complex is the main ARX160/GLX160 for promising Italian infantry combat complex Soldato Futuro.

Considerable attention attracts professionals 5.56mm automatic rifle ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) of "Remington".

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Americans offer a fully modern standard of personal weapons. Like the previous standard of "Beretta» (Beretta), ACR has a modular design and allows substitution after a number of details to use ammunition caliber 5.56 x 45 mm and 6.8 x 43 mm. The kit includes quick-gun barrels (3 options — length 267 mm, 368 mm or 419 mm). The stock can be either fixed or folding, adjustable length (6 positions, adjustment range 76 mm). Chance installation forearm with 3 or 5 th universal mounting straps "pikattini." Controls bilateral instrument. In order to reduce the time reloading bolt stop there. Weight assault rifle with a barrel length of 419 mm is 3.72 kg.

Apart from the above new products guns, Czech gunsmiths presented another — 5.56 mm assault rifle (automatic) CZ 805 BREN.

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

The model can be equipped with a longish shafts 360 or 277 mm, is to reinstall the cocking handle. There is the possibility of producing modifications for ammunition 7.62 x 39 and 6.8 x 43 mm. In addition to the usual automatic and automatic modes of fire provides the possibility of firing fixed queues (for 2 shots). The butt is removable, adjustable length (four positions) or folding. Body Shop made of transparent plastic. It is possible to store the introduction of rifles and ammunition M16/M4.

Controls are double-sided, bolt stop there. For new instruments designed and attached grenade launcher TCZ 805 G1. Weight of rifle without magazine 3.58 kg, the magazine holds 30 rounds, rate of fire of 760 rds. / Min.

Automatic rifle CZ 805 BREN selected by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic for a partial re-own ground forces. Deliveries are scheduled for early guns in 2011.

HK416 assault rifle chambered for the 5,56 x 45 mm German firm "Heckler Koch End" also has much in common with its predecessors — quick-change barrels (foreseen four options), folding stock with adjustable length, four universal mounting bracket "pikattini." Controls are double-sided, and there are bolt stop. A fascinating feature of the design is a set of parts HK416, which can be used to upgrade weapons Series M16, V14. With all of this will be replaced with a gas engine, trunk, forearm, bolt group and receiver. It is also recommended replacement of the buffer and revertible spring.

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

In a set of tools can come podstvol'nyy launcher GLM.

Not to mention the Belgian office complex SCAR «FN Herstal." This complex includes a 5.56-mm rifle SCAR-L/Mk 16 or 7.62-mm automatic SCAR-H/Mk 17 and 40 x 46-mm grenade launcher FN40GL/Mk 13, which can also be used as a manual. In 2010, the name which the models were adopted by special operations forces of the U.S. Army.

Design features 16 guns SCAR-L/Mk are quick-trunks (foreseen 3 variants) and resets the cocking handle. Folding buttstock with guns, with adjustable length (6 positions, adjust the range 63 mm), there are four universal mounting bracket "pikattini." Controls are double-sided, bolt stop there. Folding rear sight and front sight. Receiver is made of duralumin alloy. Shop interchangeable with shops guns M16/M4 series. The colors cover dark or olive.

This line of new products can be extended by adding to it the automatic rifle FN F2000 (Belgium), Sreyr AUG A3 (Austria), NC G36 (Germany) and with a certain stretch — Israeli IWI X95. It is interesting that the developers of new models significantly less often, if earlier, use an assembly "Bullpup".

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

The identity of the technical solutions implemented in the construction of these samples indicates that the appearance of the machine third generation, we can assume fully formed.

All machines and SGK third generation to be used as the main scopes of different types, and mechanical — only support. This is a one-time or holographic collimator sights or telescopic s
ights same small stature (x1, x4, 5). In automatic rifles Steyr AUG A3 SF and G36 provides the opportunity to install the extra compact single collimator sight to the housing base telescopic sight. Another approach to such a decision is made Specter DR sight of Eіsan (Canada), which has a fixed increase in x1, 5 and x6, switching between which a lever on the body of the sight. Weight 0.7 kg sight.

In fact, all the sights are used sealed, as they have in negotiation mode with night vision module. Hours of sights to substitute power supply can reach up to 10 hours of s.

Many developers scopes are also used to fire from grenade launchers, for which a number of companies developed automatic sighting optoelectronic systems. For firing automatic rifles are almost always can be completely only the presence of an optical sight.

As an example of such a complex can be automatically lead FCU 850-N production firm «FN Herstal."

Latest designs of personal foreign-made small arms

Designed for hand-held under-barrel and a 40mm grenade launcher, the complex provides an opportunity to frozen elevation and distance goals automatic calculation of the trajectory (in memory, you can enter data in the table firing 50 types of ammo). Very likely the firing range with the introduction of FCU 850-N is 380 m, weight without parts supply is 0.53 kg.

Long period zabugornye 40-mm grenade ammunition were divided into two large categories — low speed 40 x 46 mm and high speed with long sleeves 53 mm. The first, which were intended for hand-held under-barrel grenade launchers and provide the highest range of up to 400 m second, used in automatic grenade launchers, and 2 100-2 200 m Not so long ago the company "Rippel zffekt» (Rippel Effect) of South Africa suggested crotch, medium-speed shots with long sleeves 51 mm, which can be used only in specially designed for these shots grenade launchers. The firing range data ammunition headed for 800 meters

Singapore company «ST Kinetics" offered his version of medium-speed 40 x 46-mm rounds for hand grenades. Unlike Asian ammunition that they can be used for firing rocket-propelled grenades, initially developed under low-speed ammunition and which are of general circulation. Firing range fragmentation and fragmentation grenades cumulative is about 600 meters, but it is one and a half times more than the regular 40 x 60-mm rounds. In addition, significantly improved dispersion properties.

The same manufacturer introduced the latest modification of the fire control system HV ABMS for a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher (Mk 19, NC GMG, etc.), which provides remote undermining grenades. The complex includes a 40-mm round with a programmable fuse, sighting system with laser range finder and a programmer fuse, which is installed on the muzzle of the barrel. System weight with batteries 6 kg, dimensions 350 x 230 x 160 mm.

Similar in purpose complex LV ABMS is proposed for the 40-mm grenade launchers and hand. Its features are light weight (0.35 kg) and the small size of the fire control unit.

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