New technologies for snipers

In the past year have been made by the individual units of snipers. Now, it seems, is a question of equipping these fighters new weapons. July 16 on the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade has been laid out information regarding an open competition with a number 183/16-FTSP1-16.07OK. As is clear from the provided disk imaging, the purpose of the tender is in the development of new types of weapons and ammunition, as technological band for their production. The highest price of the contract was set at 194 million rubles.

New technologies for snipers

A few hours after the publication of the tender disk imaging "Izvestia" newspaper published some of its details. First, it is a mass disk imaging points to the fact that the main task of which will be put before the winner of the competition for the development of a new sniper weapons and ammunition. The novelty of this quest is the materials used. According to information published in "Izvestia", brand new sniper rifle must maintain and exceed the shooting properties of samples available, but be tangibly easier. Go with this you need to create the newest bullet accuracy and precision which is higher than that of the existing cartridges. Caliber gun and cartridge until it was called.

In recent years, contributed to the debate regarding sniper weapon for the Russian armed forces and law enforcement agencies. Available rifle own production — SVD and its modifications — have good properties, although it was sometimes insufficient for a number of tasks. Because of this, the military and "security" often have to buy a sniper tool at zabugornyh manufacturers. Imported instrument has a number of relevant features that are currently the standard for this class of weapons. These sets and comparable light weight. It should be noted that the mass of guns should be a compromise between ease of use and accuracy: very languid rifle uncomfortable to wear, and very very light bounces when firing, which affects the accuracy.

Relief design tools can be achieved by various methods. More trivial, and at first glance, does not require much effort, is the application of new materials. Metals can offer a lot of easy and hard alloys. So part of the trigger or the receiver can get a completely new material. At the same time, with the launch of the new models and tools have to take into account the cost of production of large quantities. Of course, the application of new materials only particular increment value rifle. Because you want to strike a balance between price and performance. You can imagine for yourself the amount of additional costs and effort required to merit a weight saving of about 30% by weight of the modern samples. Candidate metals are plastics. But because of reactions to thermal stress, plastic parts can be used only for the production of certain parts tools, such as the forearm or trigger unit housing, as from time to time is done abroad.

Similarly, the case with the new cartridge. Make cartridge excessive precision, in principle, not so hard. Where will cause huge problems setting up large-scale production and the price of its launch. To achieve the desired characteristics of fire — the excess of hell zabugornyh counterparts by 10-15% — it is useful to use a more precise, complex and, consequently, more expensive technology. With all this hardly worth waiting for a drastic change materials. The raw material for the shell casings and bullets well-proven copper, brass and steel. Most likely, they will be the material for a new cartridge. As regards the increase accuracy and precision, it can be achieved, first, the configuration of the production technology. The mere increase in the production of precision bullets or cartridge can significantly make the best properties of the cartridge. But the big accuracy production once again raises the question of its price.

In general, the organization won the tender for the 605 days allotted for development work, have to find the balance between a few things are not quite compatible. On the one hand, the customer wants to get an easy and clear tool. On the other, he does not want to pay huge amounts significantly. In other words, the developers of the new system "arms-cartridge"Will have to maneuver between the desires and abilities of the customer, and production capabilities. Not the most common, and the time it is given enough. From the data posted on the tender that the end of the period, the organization selected contractor must provide complete documentation on process lines created for the production of weapons-grade sniper complex. Actually creation new guns and ammunition will be deployed later.

Either way, the competition number 183/16-FTSP1-16.07OK put quite a harsh task. At least as Russian production strip sufficiently outdated. According to weapons-grade professional M. Popenker, our production technology to manufacture ammunition ascend the last century. With it the CEO of "Survey Systems" by A. Sorokin abroad from such technologies have refused, because most of the zabugornyh manufacturer produces ammunition with greater accuracy if Russian factory. So the creation of new technological band will affect not only the accuracy of shooting Russian snipers. To begin volume production of new rifles and cartridges will need to seriously restructure the work of several plants that directly or indirectly affect the socio-economic situation of the companies and their employees.

It is not clear which specific organization will receive 194 million for the latest line. Until August 16, anyone can submit their applications for a part in the tender. Review of applications and selection will take place on August 20 favorite. A little later, with the winner of the contract will be signed. Add to this the time allocated to work and get 2014 as the start of production preparation. So Makarov, was the 15th or a bit later, the armed forces will receive the first samples of the new tools, easier and more accurate.

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