New technologies in the treatment of dental caries

New technologies in the treatment of dental caries.  Photo from

Thanks to modern anesthetic and improve dental equipment dental treatment without pain with the help of modern drills have long been a reality. Furthermore, there is currently the most forgiving techniques allowing to treat carieswithout a drill. Modern technology combines the highest technical capability, safety and comfort.

The newest method is Chemical-Mechanical system of treating tooth decay, which allows you to completely painless (and completely silent) to remove infected tissue of a tooth without damaging the healthy areas.

In practice, it looks like this. Initially, the area of caries applied special gel containing three different amino acids, and sodium hypochlorite. Then, with the help of special tools physician treats carious area, thus removing only the damaged dentin. The resulting treatment of carious lesions is a much less than with traditional methods (eg, drilling) and seal occupies less space. Anesthesia for this method does not apply because the only removes necrotic tissue, and the patient feels absolutely no pain.

Mainly in pediatric dentistry, as well as for the treatment of superficial caries in adults has been successfully applied air-kinetic method.

His technique consists in applying a high pressure stream of water, air and abrasive powder. In this case, the jet literally washes away diseased tissue until clean cavity. Advantages of this method: virtually eliminated damage to healthy tissues of the tooth, completely missing the transmission probability due to the lack of direct contact of the tool with the tooth. Of the minuses can be called only that the method is applicable only in the initial stages of the disease, as well as in secondary caries that developed under a seal (first have to remove the old seal.)

Laser technology also eliminates the need for drilling the tooth.

Its essence is the selective influence of the machine on the healthy and diseased tissues of the tooth. The areas affected by caries, the softer they contain more minerals and less water, so the laser precisely and clearly, "evaporates" only infected tissue. Laser instantly disinfects the "hole" in the tooth.

Another modern method of painless dentistry without a drill based on the bactericidal properties of Ozone.

This technique, developed in Germany, allows for treatment is traumatizing for the child without using anesthesia, without the need for drilling a drill, and sometimes even without putting a seal. It is very important that the soft silicone cup, through which ozone is fed totooth, No sound, no view does not look like a traditional dental drill, and therefore does not scare the little patient and his parents. Total for20-40 Seconds gas makes the teeth almost sterile, completely destroying the organisms that cause tooth decay. Then the cavity is treated with a special compound that strengthens tooth tissue. After that, you can forget about caries. Even in this case the seal is placed on the patient's request.

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