New trends in foreign policy of the Russian Federation

New trends in Russian foreign policyOn the days of the head of Russian Foreign Ministry held a two-hour press conference at the end of the year. But journalists and their way, at a press conference attended by Sergey Lavrov about 300, far motivate not only the issues associated with last year's events. Because the Minister of Foreign Affairs had to give comments on a number of actions had time to occur in the coming year.

One of the most pressing issues which Sergey Lavrov was asked, concerned nedavneshnego incident with the ship "Cheriot", has been detained in Cyprus with dozens, as claimed by the Cypriots, tons of weapons on board, but was later released by the team verbal commitments do not go to the Syrian port, and towards the Turkish coast .

Here it is necessary to explain the situation before the lead head of Russian Foreign Ministry response. The ship "Cheriot" really was detained in port Limassol, Cyprus that. Cargo ship, which went under the flag of the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, had the brakes at the port due to a heavy storm. To ship manifested sudden enthusiasm of the local authorities, and eventually inspection on board was found a huge amount of Russian weapons (from "Rosoboneksport"). But as a result of negotiations in good faith under the word ship crew did not know about Syria, and Turkey were released.

But the burden, as in what had happened, went further, to the Syrian coast, and has been successfully unloaded at the port of Tartus, which houses logistics base of the Russian Navy. Such impudence Crew "Cheriota" forced to blush with indignation American "partners", which acted on behalf of Ms. Susan Rice, Permanent Representative of the United States being at the UN. She said that the United States wants to seek clarification from RF about violations of the ban on weapons to the Syrian regime.

Specifically, in such a situation full-time reporters and Ms. Rice in absentia was required to meet Sergei Lavrov. But the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, using the traditional transatlantic strategy to own the "partners", said that he generally does not think about what explanations should be discussed, because the Russian side has not violated any international obligations fully. Lavrov saw that if the countries have decided in order to take any one-sided resolution on Syria think that our homeland, whose members are no signatures on the documents did not set, will comply with the prohibitions invented, these countries are badly mistaken. In addition, Lavrov said that in general is not aware of the grounds on which tool the same can be supplied Yankees Islamist groups in the area of Syria, but Russia can not be supplied current government to stabilize the situation in the region.

You can not enjoy the state without following fact: Our homeland operates under international law, and reserves the possibility, as well as the West, to treat any decisions taken in the framework of the UN, for its own purposes. If it is crucial for the support of Russian interests in the region or another, it is all ways bad. Well, the crew of "Cheriota" can in this case, to put a hard "excellent" for their "verbal agreement" with the Cypriot side. Apparently, happy Turks, very bad pertaining to today to the Syrian authorities, already expected from their own shores ship with tons of Russian weapons on board. You can imagine for yourself as standing on the highest bank, they peered into the distance, to show the captain "Cheriota" where necessary to throw the anchor. But wait … have been wasted. It turned out that the captain has long been standing in the Syrian port of Tartus. What is not resounding slap in the face of the RF high-handed everywhere popping own nose Atlantic alliance! Apparently, now the Cypriots will be a long time to explain that believeth on the Russian word is strictly prohibited and even criminal … But as they say, the train (and in this case the ship with a gun) was gone …

Sergey Lavrov suggested not to escalate the situation, and sit down at the negotiating table and in line with moderate to discuss the situation in Syria, and in Iran. After all, Iran, the U.S. and NATO, too, has its eyes, which to put it mildly, are not joined with the gaze of Russian Federation. Sergey Lavrov expressed confidence that with the "Libyan scenario" has long time to finish, if the world wants to find long-awaited stability.

It is worth recalling that the interference in the internal affairs of many countries with favorites that are not satisfied with the West, for soon it became almost the norm. Some concepts in the resolutions adopted are often replaced by other concepts of NATO countries to solve their tasks. In such a situation RF nothing to do but to respond in kind. After all, with all due respect to the current state of affairs at the UN, it is safe to say that the organization is in need of radical reform. As long as it plays a role, faster court servant, putting on a magnificent livery, which was acquired at the expense of their own masters. Then it is necessary RF generally deal with the minions? ..

At a press conference, Lavrov Emperor was touched and situation with the accession of Russia to the WTO. Despite the fact that our homeland is now a full member of this organization in the United States as before the unfortunate effect amendment Jackson-Vanik amendment. Since the adoption of the amendments passed by the U.S. Congress, terribly say almost 38 years. But the specter of Russian danger, apparently, to this day is haunted by the South American government, no matter what party they belong to. The Jackson-Vanik amendment limited the freedom of trade with the Soviet Union and tries to limit it to Russia in connection with … an obstacle to Jewish emigration. We will not refute that the Russian Union of this discrepancy was the place to be, and Israel could not wait for their own children. But now, this correction looks very little fun. The same goes and Sergei Lavrov. According to him, the Jews over the years managed to not only go to Israel, and to return back to Russia …

Although the amendment once a year and is blocked by the president of the United States, but to cancel it in the States until the burning desire. In connection with this, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said that our country can fully and abandon a number of duties to the United States in the WTO.

You can, by the way, recommend to Russian lawmakers to adopt his amendment, the essence of which is reduced to restrictions on trade with those countries that are trying to military means to sow discord in other states. And let it also closes each year Russian President, unless, of course, they want to. A sort of amendment "Forward-Valuev" — and why not … After all, as we know, the Russian Federation must be answered correctly and politically correct. Nothing personal, as they say …

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