New types of communication strategies in the community

New types of communication strategies in the community

New abilities to build a fundamentally other communication systems control of the mass behavior in order to reduce the use of force and coercion. New patterns of behavior can be located directly in the content media experience for those purposes movie and TV series — quite large.

We exaggerate the results of our (and our) innovation. It can realize that they are specifically to our attention specifically on them all they say. Charles Leadbeater is fair to ask whether the Web and helps in solving current problems. If your loaf, the answer is "no." It may be added that the web even kept the ratio of those who write with someone who only reads. In other words, in our head web recorded as a situation where the creators are getting, and it is in fact a myth.

Web — access to information abundance. But this is a very superficial abundance that seems so because of the wealth of sources. We can state that we have before us a superficial awareness in contrast to the deep-owned book form. Web can be associated with the work, with annotations, rather than the texts themselves.

Nicholas Carr and others have shown the following features of online info and perception of the likely consequences of this:
— Read at least the first 2-pages of text,
— Slap a switch to other web sites (some 10 s per hour)
— As a result, the modern Internet reader does not know how to highlight text of the brain.

Another myth, which we finished devote his attention to the fact that all omnipotent generators of content (in this case at all times) is essentially working on loosening us from the realities of our life. Veselitelnoe TV or watching sports in any case preclude a person from the physical world in which she lives, leaving many hours everyday in the world of information or virtual. We live in the real world the rainy, but the virtual umbrellas, which are not always able to assist in our lives.

South American military they say that they have the ability to restore the web, what, when dictators will try to disengage from the country's own network. This is a consequence of the revolutions in the Arab world, when there were off the web and mobile communications to end the spread of unsafe disk imaging. In other words, this new type of censorship looks like closing the entire library, so as not to use one of the magazine with revolutionary slogans. A military response they say that the work of the library will still be restored.

Russian writer Sergei Pereslegin believes that the web came earlier own evolutionary period, "Rabfak named Intelfak, which appeared on the Web itself, provided people what methods without content. If the men of the revolution of the 17th of the year took possession of a Pushkin texts and participated in literary evenings trials of Belinsky to enrich the culture of which they were deprived of the class, and become the elite of the new world, but now the network — is not accessible data bank, developed a population of earth and dump ignorant postmodern thinking on these knowledge. Robfakovtsy want to learn. Trained was stylish, receive acting profession to transform the world into the kingdom of liberty, equality, fraternity. Now the network — is a journey, a quest, sensual noise and parasitic existence of the Knights of the imagination with a mouse in their hands. "

As we see above, we talk about the disposition shallow knowledge web, even as copyright law does not give the right to place the books there. A Pereslegin adds to it and the interests of the lowest users of the Web. The system of "knowledge — entertainment" they went in the direction of entertainment rather than knowledge.

John Arkilla is the most famous theorist of information operations. He stresses that there is currently no accurate understanding of these processes because of attention given to historical examples. In the XIX century the capture of France, Spain. He sees in this context, the experience of General Suchet, who was able to stop the partisan struggle. One of his first moves was to restore local control Spaniards. He also began to build hospitals, orphanages and schools. To the people treated with French ideas of liberty, fraternity and equality. As a result, French soldiers could walk naked in the middle of the local population.

All of this communication, but another type. Building a clinic or school plays the role of the text, which has an accurate reading. It may also be that he has the ability to block bad interpretation, translating them for at least neutral.

One of the advisers of the French government, Olivier Ulle, referred to certain features of our thinking. Although at the biological level our brain does not work on a dichotomous scheme of binary thinking is easier because we are trying our best to categorize exactly like this: success — failure, cooperation — the competition, the best — irrational. Even in the case of a complex reality we are trying to think of polar units. Another feature of our thinking — we're trying to rely on intuition. When we receive the evidence of his own point of view, it is enhanced, and the other information discarded.

Ulle looking at this angle of view on the Greek demonstrations. He believes, as opposed to others that 50 thousand demonstrators — is, by contrast, is not so little for an 11-million population.

Ulle also analyzes the ability of neuroscience to recognize heresy in the war on terror. By the way, the British government paid half a million bucks a mobile operator, so he kept the information about the calls during the year. The use of such methods, not only in the war on terror, and in legal proceedings, or when applying for a job, will cause severe ethical safely.

Neyroimidzhirovanie showed that a rational and sensitive part of the brain is constantly exchange information. Because Ulle uses to describe this situation, a term emoratsionalnist. For the purely biological level is unrealistic to perform exact separation. In the end, he comes to this conclusion: "The basic idea — do not believe that we can conduct public policy and public health in particular on the basis of what we have to deal with the optimal economic entities. We are dealing with people who have what is emotion, there is a psychological biases, and we need to be aware of them better. To do so, we are trying to implement this fairly multidisciplinary approach to decision-making, using the results of psychology, sociology, social psychology and marketing, we are trying to connect, so to speak, in the light of new knowledge about the brain sciences. "

Ulle says that's not the disk imaging, for example, when it comes to smoking. If that were the case, doctors would not have smoked, because they have the full information. Therefore impossible to work in the field of public policy on the basis of representations that we are dealing with the best individuals.
South American Dr. Richard Thaler in their own interviews New Yorker magazine says that the only next generation of economists will be open to other models of human behavior, and will be the least confident that markets work perfectly. By the way, this is exactly is what we are pushing the cost, while the best economists are already leaving this.

Thaler suggests using real boost, creating befitting the architecture of choice. It can be in the physical space, for example, changing the location of dishes in the cafeteria useful food co
nsumed by 25%. It may be in the information environment, as is the case with the fight against smoking. It may be in a virtual environment where the consumer is influenced acquaintance with an average consumption of alcohol in his neighborhood.

Another general principle is translated solutions with the reflex of an automated system.

In one of their own interviews Thaler stressed that he does not see increased role of government. The government takes a decision, he has to push the population. And it must do it well and transparently. If it does not, it should be replaced.

The British government unit for behavioral insight that is informally referred to as "a division pushing ', released in April 2011, the study" The best choice, the best deal. " They wish to use the Web to give consumers the opportunity to get more disk imaging. This principle, as consumer spending (which is 910 billion pounds in 2010) account for half of the gross national product of England. Immediately, according to the European Commission, although two-thirds of people in Britain feel confident and have the knowledge, making a decision about buying real behavior buyer shows significantly lowest level of this conviction. Really not a lot of people have the time, desire or cognitive resources to make the right choice.

As we see, the government on the basis of pushing wants to build new business with its citizens, as do the governments of Britain, France and the United States. Business is doing the same with consumers. Politics, too, has adopted the latest communications strategy, which is called "mikrotargeting", which was used for the first time in its entirety on the election of George W. Bush in 2004, Matthew Dowd, who worked in this campaign, the main strategic consultant and brought it into work, this approach in his book topical targeting, keeping in mind that the main component in determining a person's choice, it is a style of life. This was discussed as a counterweight disk imaging collection of past voting rights. In other words, and here we have a new communication principles profession.

Other British government document called the "Communications and behavior change." Hard for us to imagine that such units and such documents may generally appear. For our governments have never done it. The document identified four probable tasks associated with different variations of behavior modification:

— Start new behavior
— Suspend that is destructive force
— Prevent the adoption of negative behavior
— Change or modify the current behavior.

This is something with which every government has to do when he is busy not only macroeconomic indicators, as is the case with us.

The starting point for the creation of effective communications proclaimed a deep awareness of human behavior and how it can be changed. It is interesting that all of this — a group of academics, which works with governments of various countries. As a result, both Britain and France, and the United States have made the appropriate governmental unit, who started his invisible job.

The system boosts or other new communication strategies offer new capabilities to build a fundamentally other communication systems, control of the mass behavior in order to reduce the use of force and coercion. New models of behavior can be located directly in the content media experience for those purposes movie and TV series — quite large. It's all different background content, we do not even notice. And that is introduced unobtrusively, by definition, can not cause resistance.

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