New unmanned robot will be able to choose a target without operator role

New unmanned robot will be able to choose targets without operatorSouth American fleet arranged the order for the first world war in the history of unmanned aerial robotic device capable of solving assigned to it by military tasks without a specific contact with a human operator. It is worth mentioning that all the above and actually working UAVs were specifically tied to the interaction with the control center and the final decision on the use of guns, if it was located on board, was made all the same person.

According to the thesis of the report, which was made at the next meeting of the Navy League (organization closely associated directly with the defense industry, and academia, and the U.S. Navy), which is in the last stages of the pre-flight test UAV X-47B will not be able to be a device with a remote control. As only it will come off from the deck of an aircraft carrier, complete control over it goes to artificial intelligence.

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, more precisely, to the beginning of Gorbachev's perestroika harsher work in our country to create the AI were conducted in a closed till the time the town of Gorky, where there were a scientific institute, a significant part of the research work which closes specifically on this topic. Since then, the initiative defected to the South American side, and former Russian leadership seriously and lost forever.

As at the technical level will look management X-47B, told Janis Pamilyans, vice-president of the group Northrop Grumman. After how the drone will be on the deck of an aircraft carrier, operator clicking on a computer mouse will be able to give the team except for the motor run either specifically to take off. And, of course, to identify priorities and proposed in respect of their deeds. A man should only option function UAV before being sent on a mission. Further boat without the help of others determines the approach route to the goal, and puts the value of doing so or otherwise combat puzzle in full radio silence. And later vorachivaetsya to the place-based.

Initially, the South American admirals expected that by finishing steps of computer modeling self-launching and landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier "Nimitz" could begin in the spring of 2013, and in the fall to work out the practical part of applets. But the real course of events forces the U.S. Navy to speed up the process. Already there is information that the first launch of X-47B as an aircraft carrier-based aircraft to be carried out this year, and for 2014 will assign ends with part of the test (most likely with the combat use) and the adoption of the first self-UAVs into service. Earlier, the bot must be able to perform the role of the operator without aerial refueling (before, during or after execution battle puzzles). Only after working this procedure can be read on the relative success or disaster tests. Several complicate the process, according to the views of American developers can except a small amount of ready-to full-scale studies of samples of new weapons — so far built only two X-47B, and the plans until Northrop is the creation of new prototypes.

The above-mentioned Janis Pamilyans still full of optimism: "Round the Clock Vigil and joysticks in a steel booth Air Force control center on an aircraft carrier will not need. You press the button, and then a person will be working a few million lines of software code. "

While it's not quite true, but the prospects for, and so long as the most powerful military in the structure, as the U.S. Army and Navy, stunning. For example, at the present time approximately one hundred square meters to control UAVs (Combat calculation is actually one wing aircraft carriers) ought to more than 2-hundred operators working in shifts. After adopting the X-47B for a particular job with them after on the deck of a less useful 10-ka operators. And a pack of bots will go on to lead a relatively a cheap real costs of war-independent in that sense, the timing, range of theater and the reaction of the public presentation of his country — the loss of something in casualties among their troops are zero.

A strategy remains only to choose the goal, put the puzzle and click the mouse.

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