New word of Israeli designers in the active protection

The head office applets Merkava, administered by the Israeli Defense Ministry and the IDF ordnance corps, perfectly understands that their tank headed for the maximum permissible weight of the ceiling, and the improvement of its security can not be achieved by the growth of reactive or passive protection. And it is very necessary to meet changing threats, which is especially important in asymmetric conflicts, where smashing blow can be accomplished with at least some direction. With this in mind, it is logical that Israel carries out research in the field of active protection systems over 2-decades.

New word of Israeli designers in the active protection

Large investments in the development of data already bearing fruit already. Israel in 2010, the first has adopted its own armor active protection system, made by Rafael — Trophy, and it has already established itself on the positive side in the battle. A universal set of protection, Iron Fist of IMI, this year, during the fire tests in Israel and abroad, has shown an impressive ability to intercept and destroy the kinetic armor-piercing shells and anti-tank missiles.

So called "Modular system reservation "was first used in the tank Merkava Mk 3 and then was effectively improved in the Mk-4, its main feature is the design of the different pieces of armor, depending on the intended type of threat. Unlike previously installed additional protection to existing armor, which greatly increased the weight of the machine, better substitute elements installed armor modules can therefore provide a small increase in weight. similar concept has been developed for the heavy IFV Namer, based on the tank Merkava. Trophy system was integrated into the existing protection without excessive configuration Merkava tank silhouette. providing protection throughout the upper hemisphere and all-encompassing system are located in the 2-modules, which are located on either side of the swivel head. Basic version Trophy, designed for installation on tanks Merkava, weighs around 771 pounds and has a built-in automatic recharge system. Trophy ASPRO-AL — light version, which can be equipped with different armored vehicles weighing 15-30 tons, also has a built-in automatic recharge system, a few smallest launcher and weighs 454 pounds. Trophy ASPRO-A-UL — ultra light version, designed for light vehicles, weighs 270 kg, has only several "protivosnaryadov" and has an integrated automatic recharge system.

Although SAZ (Active Protection System) significantly increases the protection of the tank, especially with respect to the tandem anti-tank shells and missiles that are used today, it also provides additional advantages of the command and control and situational awareness. For the first time in the history of terrestrial basic weapons systems equipped built-in sensors, which significantly increases the ability of the crew on the early detection and containment of threats, while at the same time, the fighters and the military courts they be successfully used for over 50 years.

All of these abilities is now at Israeli tanks — excellent crew relieve along the border of the Gaza Strip Palestinians set ambushes and traps, while Trophy detects, isolates and removes specific dangers and transmits the information to the crew, while the tank commander taking positive measures for firing at targets, automatic detection of the sensors of the system.

In addition to the two main system hard kill, such as Rafael ASPRO-A Troph and IMI Iron Fist, introducing ways to soft kill, which involves optical elktronnoe opposition — for example, a complex of ESP, developed by Elbit Land Systems, is a set of built- panoramic infrared sensors, intrusion detection and prevention of laser irradiation and install a directional infrared interference, mounted on a single mast. The complex provides the crew of an armored car full information on the tactical situation, warning of missile attack and effectively counteracts the various missile threats at gauging hatches.

IMI has also integrated laser interference in its decision Iron Fist (Metal Fist). The system successfully intercepted two medium-range anti-tank missiles AT-7 Metis during the tests performed in the United States. Metal Fist also proved to be excellent in removing other threats, for example, he successfully defended his tank from 3 kinetic projectiles. In general, the system of 7 sent shells killed seven, that figure is one hundred percent protection.

Interception is done by means of an explosion, a brain system active protection — the sensor and the associated microprocessor. The most frequently used is the system of the EL / M 2133 WindGuard company Elta Systems, the successful introduction of radar AESA — confirmed in the combat system, were armed Israeli tank Merkava Mk4M. Part of the active protection system Trophy, WindGuard intended for the destruction of anti-tank missiles and projectiles. Radar detects a missile launched from a helicopter or a projectile, simultaneously calculates predictable rendezvous point and the point from which the warhead was launched. If this threat can act to protect the fuel tank, WindGuard simultaneously uses Troph, to kill the danger at a ragged distance. Within a few seconds, radar sensors also inform the crew about the location of the source of attack, automatically sending back the main instrument or remotely controlled weapon station, which is striking back at the source of danger. EL / M 2133, installed on the Merkava — this is the first generation of the system. Modern, compact, lighter and more affordable models in the true time are in the process of development.

Meanwhile, another 20 years or so back in Russia one hundred percent tested and prepared for mass production of the world's first comprehensive system active protection armored vehicles, "Arena", which was constructed in the Kolomna KBM. Together with those in the Russian MBT in the conflicts in the North Caucasus this system not fixed.

According to a statement Russian professionals, the Israeli system Troph all its technical features is greatly inferior to Russian "Arena". In Russia, many believe that the hype raised around the complex Troph, explained, first, by the fact that it is actually the first in the world of mass-manufactured set of active protection of armored vehicles put into service. At the same time, Russian experts say that, certainly, the installation of armored vehicles for active protection significantly increases its survivability on the battlefield. Along with that, Troph, as no matter what other similar system to overcome.


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