New Year in Chechnya … In memory of Captain Lelyukh

New Year in Chechnya ...  In memory of Captain LelyukhMorning of the first of January 1995, when the majority of Russians came to life after the New Year's fun, 27-year-old captain Igor Lelyukh met in the center of the Terrible on the armor of infantry fighting vehicle. The setting here was not far solemn. The other day in federal troops entered the city. The operation, which began with the defense minister cheerfully promises to "take stern one regiment in two hours," soon turned into a bloody fight. Several units in the first hours were cut off from the main force and drawn into the merciless battles in the burning streets. In particular had a hard time sadly famous 131st Maikop brigade, surrounded by gunmen at the railway station. To help the bleeding battalions Maikop was thrown GRU spetsnaz group under the command ofLelyukh.

Igor was not supposed to go on that fateful trip, — says Galina mother officer. — He was on vacation for family incidents: the wife was in the hospital on the ninth month of pregnancy. The commander, knowing that, strictly forbade him to go to Chechnya, but he still went there voluntarily with their spies. Those who knew him were convinced could not enroll in another scion of the Kuban Cossack, a hereditary officer, Commander.

Order acquired reconnaissance Lelyukh was the type of stuff which they say "mission impossible." A convoy of fuel tankers and trucks loaded with ammunition, were to break through to the surrounded by neighborhoods, "stuffed" militants. At the vanguard BMP Special Forces commando rode at the head of Igor. Their main fire and collapsed ambush Dudayevites on a narrow street between the high-rise buildings. The first shots from grenade launchers were destroyed several cars. Jumped out of the burning truck and BMP fighters here were in the cross-fire of snipers and machine gunners. Severely wounded captain Lelyukh and his staff, with the explosion of discarded armor left to cover the retreat of comrades. Adventure several once offered spies to surrender, but only in response to gunfire sounded. Group of special forces fought to the last and died in full force, inflicting heavy damage.

A brave captain was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. His eldest son was 18 months old Lesha, Jr., Sergei, whom Igor never saw — less than a month. Grief soon died a hero's father, Victor I., paratrooper officer, liquidator of the Chernobyl tragedy. Igor's widow, Natalia couple of years had to fight a legal battle, achieving a legitimate right to increase to survivor benefits. The younger brother of the hero, Andrew, served in the same part, nine times happened in combat missions in the Caucasus. In Berdsk and Novosibirsk — campuses, where he served Igor Lelyukh, he built monuments.

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