New Zealand's Christchurch rocked again element

December 23. December 23 at the New Zealand city of Christchurch earthquake occurred just four. The first shock was recorded at 13:58 local time. Magnitude was 5.8 on the Richter scale. Was the most powerful impetus that occurred an hour later. His power was equal to 6 points.

People from the city's airport had been evacuated, many flights canceled. In a residential area earthquake caused liquefaction of the soil, leaving many houses were flooded with water and mud.

Many residents who have not yet had time to rebuild their homes after the flooding in the previous earthquake in February, and now again in the same situation.

Susan Holmes, a local resident: "It's just horrific. Again, the same thing happened. Well as you can. Now going to the motel, I've had enough. "

Jasmine Buchan, a local resident, "It was just awful. I waited for my mother. I do not know where she is. I talked to her about half an hour ago. While it is still there. "

Was evacuated to the largest shopping center of the city, which before Christmas was a lot of people.

According to the local meteorological possible new tremors.

Ken Gledhill, head of the Met: "This was a series of successive shocks of the earthquake in September 2010, which shifted the ground under Christchurch. Today's earthquake and the February and June — they are a consequence of the earthquake. "

Recall that as a result of the February earthquake in Christchurch killed 182 people, and the damage from the disaster was estimated at more than $ 15 billion.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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