Newcomers from the underwater world

March 9, 2012 22:27

Newcomers from the underwater world

In the study of this phenomenon, as unidentified flying objects, often forget that the land mass is only a quarter of the Earth's surface. The rest consists of the seas, that is, the least affordable places to see. There is rare reports of such events. Meanwhile, unidentified objects are clearly drawn to the water element.

Sailors seriously concerned about the meeting with the mysterious guests, and it is quite clear — is under threat as the safety of people and the implementation of a combat mission for warships. Worried as unusual features of mysterious neighbors. Very often it happens that they become totally invisible to radar, while there are great even without special optics. Radio equipment and electrical equipment stops working at their approach. They are at enormous speeds and can move freely in the water. Even multimeter ice does not prevent objects flying out of the water.

There are many reports of captains of ships of various countries in which the inputs are case reports or fall into the water of unknown objects. In the XIX and XX centuries of such occurrences in almost all the seas and oceans. Usual route aircraft and ships are strictly defined, they are only in areas of heavy traffic, which is not much. As a result, vast areas rarely visited by ships. Therefore, the evidence of the crew encounters with unidentified objects are very valuable. In the log certainly recorded anomalies that occur close to the vessel. What sometimes can be seen from the windows of ships?

In the Intelligence of the Navy of the USSR has repeatedly received reports of U-boats and the crews of encounters with unidentified underwater objects and UFOs. Mystery guests particularly interested in naval intelligence, because sometimes they are very similar to striking objects or intelligence of the enemy. Often, they come close to the warships and prevent a combat mission. In the Main Staff of the Navy at the time group was established to study the unidentified objects. The group's work was strictly confidential. Weight of accumulated operating time by now disappeared into the archives. Only thanks to the memoirs of naval officers several lifts the veil of secrecy.

In the minds of people in the pronunciation of the word "UFO" float bowl, which floats in the air. Very few people come to mind seek a meeting with these mysterious objects in the water. However, in 1974, in the Indian Ocean using sonar were tracked the movement of some glowing objects UFO. His speed when traveling over water far exceeds the speed of the vessel. In addition, the ship's logbook Argentine recorded a similar case. The team of the ship watching the sparkling moving object which was about thirty feet long. This place did a few laps around the ship, and then went under water.

As has already been noted, the ice is not an obstacle for these objects. Thus, in the North Atlantic to the Canadian icebreaker in 1966 flew, breaking a three-meter ice, and took off a large silver object. Usually crashes such objects out of the water were recorded off the coast of the Mediterranean, Mexico, Venezuela, California. Submarines have repeatedly met with UFOs. UFO researchers can not see the secret documents from behind the veil of secrecy over the actions of submarines. Once one of the Pacific Fleet submarine was on combat patrol and with the help of sonar near him found six mysterious objects that do not yield to any classification. Break away from the escort maneuver failed. Commander grossly violated the rules of combat patrols and commanded the ascent. In this case, all six unidentified objects carried departure from water and then disappeared from sight.

Many parts of the ocean trail today are equipped with a network of sonar that capture the appearance of uninvited submarines. Repeatedly network of U.S. Navy submarines detect moving objects in the island of Puerto Rico, the coast of Florida, in the Caribbean. These objects will not yield to any classification. Movement speed was up to two hundred miles per hour. The depth at which submerged objects are not available for submarines. Sometimes give orders to destroy these strange submarines, which seemed "enemy." In such cases, avionics search planes and ships would collapse, and the object disappears.

Most surprising is the fact that the actions of UFOs are often targeted. They are, in one way or another, are related to human activities. UFOs have repeatedly appeared during important events that took place on Earth. Many examples, when, during testing of U.S. strategic missiles appeared UFO. Sometimes they even accompanied the missiles in flight. U.S. experts reported that they had seen the flying discs, pursuing and overtaking at rocket test launch.

I must say that the naval forces of many countries search the unknown objects that move under water, pursued them, and even used weapons against them. But objects easily evaded search share and remained unharmed. Ships of the U.S. Navy in 1960, tried unsuccessfully to force unidentified object float around the Florida peninsula. At the end of that year, was found moving sonar underwater unknown object. Navy aircraft and 11 destroyers were sent to search for him, but they did not manage to find anything.

In the Gulf Nuevo in the early 1960s, observed two unknown and mysterious object. Then the Argentine Navy ships have been closed all exits from the Gulf. This area was bombed by depth charges. After that, the objects disappeared, giving the impression that they just disappeared. Soon discovered there are already six sites, followed by rush began. But these objects are soon gone. Navy action lasted about two weeks.

In one of the bays of New Zealand in January 1965 was seen metal object with a diameter of 15 meters. At length he reached 30 meters, and at the depth of ten feet from moving. The submarine he was like. In addition, the local Navy commanders reported that this bay boat could not get due to inaccessibility and shallows. In the Red Sea in 1965, watched as the water about a mile from the ship flew a ball of fire and hung at a height of 150 meters.

In the Mediterranean Sea in 1972, oceanographer Harris surveyed the ruins of Tyre, and the water he saw a huge ball-shaped object with some boxes and tubes on its surface. Its windows emit light. Near the island of New Guinea in 1977, the crew of a large fishing trawler freezer observed UFOs. The object of the water rose to a height of 500 meters and within a few hours remained motionless. The work of the ship station radar and radio communication was lost at that time.

Our foreign press and describes the various cases where only the water were observed moving objects of unknown origin. After reading the material in the archive Navy on unidentified submerged object, A. Sanderson hypothesized existence on Earth underwater advanced civilization. This hypothesis is quite plausible. In Karelia in 1928 near the village of Shuknovolok, farmers have seen an unusual incident that to this day is the subject of dispute local veteran. FP Fedorov — one of them, described something very similar to a large cylinder, which fell into the lake on a sloping path. Of its tail was running a reddish flame. They even say that it is now at the bottom and makes it difficult to catch fish. The local people after the fall of the object were to meet on the shore of this lake-headed mystical creature that was 1-1.2 meters tall. The body of the creature was thin, thin, and his hands were getting almost to the ground. It was very shy and was on hand for the 4 fingers.

Evidence of UFO sightings in the water, no less than the evidence of their occurrence in the skies. Members of mysterious events for years silenced. They talked just now.

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