NGOs Strike Back

NGOs Strike BackAs to the State Duma adopted a law on NGOs — foreign agents, as a wave of a conductor's baton in the press zabugornoy up loud, "Karrr-p-Raul! In Russia again violated prrrr-p-Rav man! Pinched freedom of speech! "What's there to zabugornoy. Many Russian media also hit in moaning about the fact it is now respected members of a host of non-profit organizations to explain to people, and why are they doing for their own political activity was useful to take money from "Big Brother."

Recall that on July 13 this year, 374 members of the lower chamber of Russian parliament voted in favor of the fact that now all NGOs are political activity in the territory of Russia, and receive funding from abroad, should be cited as foreign agents and to provide data about what needs went zabugornom funding. 374 MP — it's Duma faction, not counting the "Fair Russia" …

Yes, of course, such a thing as a "agent"And besides," agent foreign"Our main opposition defenders cuts the hearing. It that turns out — of thoughts representatives of the NGOs, the issue with which the State Duma and decided — Western virtue will allocate us a money, but we will have to report to the authorities and the people, that this coin want to organize another "Marsh quintillion" or to arrange a chess Tournament joyful merrymaking with riot police under the motto "Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov — our president, and all the others — let's doskorogo bye!" Well, I do not — I puzzled political NGO Schnick and decided to ask the very conductor wave his own wand and cast of characters — the grass, hound and hound again passed a law in the print media, the web, on the grounds of legislative bodies is extremely democratic countries.

But as they say, it was just the beginning. Our then-deputy, as it turns out, are not born yesterday, and so they decided to throw another bill into, so to speak, control shot. To the media in particular not walk about in terms of subordination marked conductor, it was decided to raise the issue of the existence and periodicals, which also may be referred to the foreign agent. In general, all this: is a mass disk imaging zabugornoy funding and systematically analyzes the political situation in Russia and in the world — be so razlyubezny, gentlemen owners of this media — a sign it is that your child — foreign agent.

After that sprang up in the press in the course of this legislative proposal, the deputies decided to hold off and withdraw the bill, like something happens. Softly, he says, more quietly — NCO digest at first, but the issue we will return when the summer heat will finish without overheating and hot head.

But again becomes clear, why are so concerned about this very status of "foreign agents" some Russian media (the name of the media readers are well aware). After all, if you're in your own journal give advice on the correct feeding fennel and zucchini and get all this money to develop their own "e-gardening", say, Greenpeace, then no one is going to oblige you regitsja in the status of the foreign agent. Well, well, since you are giving financed from abroad tips on growing zucchini and here are calling the Russians, that they were armed with zucchini bigger and stormed the building of the local parliament, there is, as they say, everything has to be himself clear. Squash the revolution we, you know, still not enough …

The most striking thing is that Russian bill about foreign agents from NGOs and the media — is not a know-how of Russian bureaucratic thinking. The idea, she and the other countries of their own bureaucracy can think of our deputies to the same odds to give. In fact the case, this handicap our legislators and enjoyed.

Have repeatedly passed the information to the press that the Russian NGO law — foreign agents is almost a copy of that law, which exists in the USA. South American version bears the title Foreign Agents Registration Act or FARA. And it is this "Spotlight" speak out so that highlights more than 70 years, all those organizations that receive foreign funding and lead to political or even near-political activities in the area of the United States of America. Noteworthy that during the second world war, particularly on the basis of this law was brought to the logical end of a 2-10-s criminal cases involving organizations — foreign agents operating in the United States.

Since 1966, the introduction of FARA has not resulted in a resounding criminal cases, but it gave everyone the opportunity to ordinary Yankees know about all the non-profit organizations that conduct business on zabugornye funds. Since 2007, the United States (under the Ministry of Justice) began to develop an extensive database, using which, you can retrieve reports on the activities of one or another non-profit organization in the status of foreign agent. The database includes even such organizations that are indirectly controlled from abroad, but the status of the foreign agent in all of this are. With the FARA U.S. citizens learned that the terrain of the country there are organizations that conduct business with the active support, such as the Irish Republican Army or the Kashmiri separatists. On this basis, activities designated legal entities recognized extremist activity was suppressed in full accordance with the laws of the United States.

By the way, in the United States prohibits the FARA participate in the political process of election to those persons who are in organizations with foreign funding. The law itself is practically says that if someone is going to take part in the elections, no zabugornyh investment should not take (here to the South American "LAMP" did a great job with former French President Sarkozy, sovereign, though in France there are also tools …) Ban for a role in the election of the candidate with foreign funding and its supporters in the Russian law on NGOs not. This is perhaps the main difference from the South American version. But if so, then it appears that the Russian legislation — it's just sophomoric in comparison with a "fire-breathing American« FARA »… So why are so offended our political NGOs? ..

The concerns of those Russian non-profit organizations who want to receive funding from abroad, but with all this, do not want to argue about their own status of overseas agents, still can be realized. The fear is that these organizations simply will not be perceived by the Russian people as a specialized activity for the good of the country, standing in defense of its interests if they so naturally perceived …

Representatives of a number of NGOs ("Memorial", "For Human Rights") expressed the view that they are not going regitsja as foreign agents, although renounce foreign funds also do not want. And it is, indeed, as you can turn away from it, only when all the activity on it and built. It turns out that the "Memorial" and "For Human Rights" are going to simply break the Russian legislation and with all this, it is natural to appeal to the West, which, itself, such laws intensive uses. This may assist them in the West get the glory "regime fighters."

A completely different route chosen Lyudmila Alexeeva. The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group stated that it no zabugornye grants are not required, and the group will continue its work without foreign assistance. And the hunt to say, "Lyudmila, come on …".

Well, she is a lady with a great experience, be
cause her words to the effect that someone out there in the Helsinki Metropolitan group is going to say "no" foreign grants can be considered a good jestingly. Of course, Mrs. Alexeeva's going to use, tell them so special channels of foreign funding to deal MHG lived and thrived. A head-that of "Memorial" and "For Human Rights" after these words the great-grandmother of the joint Russian-American democracies have decided that they can and will go for the track, which Lyudmila own activity in terms of breaking the new law and dug.

In general, the NGO law — foreign agents received, law media — foreign agents while sent back for revision. But the law enforcement system and tax control of the Russian Federation now have to roll up your sleeves and inspect, who's still "not a penny", and the funds from overseas "mushroom" as ever gets.

By the way, the law on foreign agents has led to a series of scandals involving municipal bureaucrats. So one of the first victims of the new law of the designated person can become Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. In the "foreign agents" of its recorded top Democrat modern Russia (forgive us Ludmila Alexeeva) Alexei Navalny. Opposition leader, referring to the materials contained Khinshtein deputy in 2008-2009, said that Bastrykina have a residence permit in the Czech Republic (the NATO member countries), which is the head of the Investigative Committee has not paid taxes to the amount of 50 thousand Czech crowns and that the bureaucracy did not declare the purchase of property abroad. And so it's time to lay off Bastrykina from his post. In general, Bulk Bastrykin decided to take revenge for his words about the need to continue the investigation into the "Kirovlese", to which he was involved in Bulk. If this "pin" Navalny left without attention, the public may appear questions — on what basis the claim had gone into the water. If Bastrykina fired from the UK, it will set a precedent, as far neither the 1st Bastrykina officials of such level is the "business" abroad.

The main thing that our Russian inspectors do not overdo, and that in fact this may be under a bench and then it's a safe friendship with zucchini dill manufacturers put in the dark … We have a list of the same from the kitchen garden to the policy one step …

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