Nibiru is already visible! And you said this is fiction …

October 21, 2011 16:07

Last year, two well-known astrophysicist claimed that near the solar system is a huge subject. About Nibiru speech did not passed, and the more end of the world, none of them have not even tried. The names of these scientists may be familiar to you — it Uitmir Daniel and John Mathis of the University of Louisiana. Astrophysicists have been assured that the Oort cloud is a new planet, or just a huge cluster koment, sure it was not. It was assumed that the size of the object several times higher than Jupiter that as it hints at the seriousness of the opening, as the gas giants are not opened too often.

 The Oort cloud has a large number of comets, which are not as rare visit our home planet, the moon and other celestial bodies in our solar system. Not hard to guess that for comet left the cloud and sent to us, it takes an enormous gravitational influence. In the astronomical community considered that the role of the large and heavy body, attracting all kinds of garbage in our system performs Jupiter. However, after serious physics calculations both came to the conclusion that the weight and size of Jupiter will not be enough to budge komenty, are at such a remote distance.
Matiz and Whitmire suggested the existence of a huge body 12 years ago, that at least once to explain the difference in the trajectories of the long-period comets. Any affine theories to explain such a strange phenomenon has not yet been put forward. Astronomers say together: gas giants should also shift the orbits of objects inside the Oort cloud. Alas, the theory of learning has undergone a huge cry and laugh, because this effect was not observed. A similar phenomenon Matiz substantiates the fact that what should have been shifted — has shifted. Not for us here to argue with them ..

After a short time, the hypothesis of Daniel and John has been confirmed. The data returned from the first satellite of this summer confirmed the existence of a certain volume of the body, around which a huge number of comets. Thus, for unknown reasons, the body is as if in a bubble, sacred to comets surrounding the planet.
Still, why all this was to remember? Why, just recently by NASA on its website released another press release on the topic trembling total bombardment by comets our neighboring solar system. Reported multiple comet impacts on most of the planets are in the solar system. The consequences of the bombing shake mind.
In a cloud of dust, ice particles were detected, indicating the similarity of our planet to those that had been destroyed by fire, bar graph. A feeling that our solar system is preparing us to some similar results. Mol see how everything turned out interesting.
After heavy bombardment, the cloud of comets gone in the direction of the solar system. Therefore, researchers conducted a recent discovery of a new planet, which was formed at the edge of all our beloved solar system and discovered an amazing fact that the planet is gradually changing its position in relation to us, moving toward our planet is direct and on course.
Meanwhile, in communities Nibiru up excitement, because the discovery of a huge gas titanium movement in our direction with it carries a large number of comets, that can mean only one thing. But we can now see on our clear skies hyperactivity comets have probably anyone obzagadyvalsya desires, and what you suggest! But whether Nibiru or even something else — but what the hell is the difference? ).


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