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It was in 2012 predicted the terrible disasters that have shaken to its foundations Earth. A powerful earthquake, huge tsunami, crazy storms destroy all that worked so hard to create civilization, will be destroyed billions of people and the planet itself "perekuvyrknetsya" 180 degrees and will change the pole. All living is on the brink of extinction, irreversible evolution is ruled out by millions of years ago, and the survivors is accidentally transformed into a primitive animal, gripping only two instincts: hunger and sex.


What are people so offended before the Creator, for what they promise such terrible punishment? In any case, the punishment hardly commensurate with sins. But if it is reasonable and logical reasoning. In the present, the specific situation, there is little independent from God, who can not turn back time, no, nor to change the motion of celestial bodies.

The thing is a huge planet that is steadily approaching Earth. It is called Nibiru, and its size is four times the size of the blue planet. Nibiru is rushing around the sun in a very eccentric orbit at a speed of 102 km / s, and appears in the solar system every 3600 years.

Someone qualifies her as the twelfth planet in the Solar System, someone like tenth. The subject matter does not change. She, like the prodigal son, returning from time to time wanderings to the fold, but asks no forgiveness, but is grief, confusion and destruction of all the planets that are comfortably and peacefully co-exist near the Sun.

About this mysterious space object first mentioned Zechariah Sitchin. By profession he is a journalist, but owns the ancient Hebrew and other Semitic languages. He lived a long time in the Middle East, he studied history and archeology of the region. Is a recognized authority Sumerian-Akkadian mythology. It was from her he learned details of the twelfth planet.

Zechariah Sitchin claims that the ancient people of the Sumerians (lived in Mesopotamia in the III-II millennium BC. E.) Possessed secret knowledge about the history of human civilization. In their legends they tell future generations of people about aliens, which at intervals of 3,600 years there are in the world since ancient times. But they are stepping on the guilty solid earth is not a spaceship, and the planet.

These aliens are called Anunaki and chief Anunaki named Marduk (the presiding deity in the Sumerian-Akkadian mythology). Title it Nibiru. That is why, a mysterious planet that fly to Earth Anunaki is called Nibiru (some sources say it is the naming of Marduk). Her image, with other planets of the solar system, is clearly captured on Akkadian cylinder seals.

One of these seals is kept in the Berlin State Museum of the Ancient East. On her side of the disc is shown with the off-rays, and is surrounded by a circle with a cleverly plotted small circles on them. It seems the planets with their orbits. Between the fourth and fifth planet is a big circle. Logically, this is the mysterious planet Nibiru.

Nibiru on the Akkadian version

 Nibiru in the top left corner

It should be noted that this level of knowledge, in that ancient time, was considered a great mystery. It was dedicated to only a select caste of priests. It is therefore strange that the sky map depicted on normal printing, which is only signed by the individual.

These small cylinders in the Ancient Mesopotamia was practically everyone. They were made from natural minerals (amethyst, lime, jade), more wealthy citizens dared to print from a semi-precious metals or earthenware. Print rolled coated with a pattern on a damp clay tablet on which were written in cuneiform, apparently, any financial obligations.

That can print, which is kept in the Berlin Museum, belonged to an astronomer? It is now impossible to answer this question. In this situation, only believe or not to believe that it was the sun and planets emblazoned on the side of common household items. Argue that either a specific course, you can not, to the same sphragistics (the science that studies the images on stamps), this fact in favor of the version space, and against, has not commented.

Sumerian-Akkadian mythology with its planet Nibiru (Marduk) and Anunaki — is only part of the issue. The other part relates directly to astronomy. This is more prosaic, and is based on fundamental laws of physics and mechanics. The fact is that in 1781 was the discovery of the planet Uranus. It was the seventh planet of the solar system.

Already in 1783, French astronomer Pierre Simon Laplace mathematically calculated the expected orbit of this new space object. Time went by, Uranus was moving in its orbit. In 1821 saw the light of astronomical tables based on actual data movement seventh planet in the cosmos.

The result was that the practice was not agreed with the theory. Uranus strongly wished to fly in a way that he predicted Laplace. Planet deviated from the planned route and went a few aside. In this situation, the reason could be only one: the French astronomer in the calculations do not take into account the gravitational effects of some other unknown planet.

This was all uslyshane and said in 1841, the British mathematician and astronomer John Couch Adams. But he not only suggested the presence of an unknown space object, but also to calculate the orbit of his alleged. The same calculations are made, and some other researchers. The result of this hard work was the discovery in 1846 of the planet Neptune.

The calculations were correct, all seemed calm. Now she had to fly Uranus as he was destined. But again embarrassment. Brat flatly refused strictly follow the laws of mechanics and move on well designed and carefully calibrated once for him orbit. The conclusion was simple: there is one more unknown celestial body, its gravitational forces acting on the ill-fated seventh planet.

This mysterious and mysterious object called "Planet X". Intrigued scientists engaged in a careful study of the night sky. By that time, photography was invented, which was the determining factor in the discovery of the mysterious planet.

In 1930, a young American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, looking ordinary snapshots distant outer space, they discovered an unknown object to the village. After spending a few additional shots, he made sure that I was right: the object was unfamiliar, new and moving in its orbit is much farther from the Sun than Neptune. So was the opening of the ninth planet in the solar system, which was named Pluto.

Researchers considered major planet Pluto, nothing inferior to Neptune. Of course, having an initial mass, that could well affect the capricious Uranus. The need in some other space object has disappeared, and the talk about "Planet X" died out themselves.

But in 1978 he opened Pluto Charon. He was only half the size of his older friend. Thanks to this discovery, it is possible to calculate the exact mass of the Pluto. It turned out that she is ridiculously low, and is only 0.2% of the mass of the Earth. For the record it should be noted that the mass of Uranus is 14 times greater than the mass of the blue planet, and the mass of Neptune is 17 times respectively.

With these dimensions, Pluto could not act on the seventh planet of the solar system. Again, there was talk of a mysterious "Planet X", which is somewhere in the depths of space makes its own adjustments to the motion of Uranus's orbit around the Sun.

Also in 1978, American experts from the U.S. Naval Observatory, Robert Harrington and Tom Flandern made calculations and said that Uranus and Neptune are under the influence of a heavenly body, whose mass is four times the mass of Earth. They state with full responsibility that the "Planet X" simply can not exist.

This statement has fallen on fertile ground. Researchers have begun to re-ironing space. Thirtieth day of December 1983, one of the most respected American newspaper "Washington Post", referring to the NASA published an article which said that "Planet X" was found, and, at present, is 50 million miles (80 billion 672 million miles) from Earth.

Further chronology not confirmed by official data, it is based on rumors and speculation, but, as they say, smoke without fire.

In 1983 the company launched the infrared astronomical satellite, which saw in the direction of the constellation Orion huge unknown space object.

In 1987, NASA issued an official statement that the object may well belong to the solar system, although it is moving at a very distant from the Sun's orbit.

In 1992 he met Robert Harrington and Zechariah Sitchin. The result of this was that Harrington as it saw the light and realized that the mysterious "Planet X" is nothing like Nibiru — the twelfth planet in the solar system Sumerian-Akkadian mythology. In addition, the U.S. Naval Observatory scientists came to the conclusion that, in view of the orbit of this planet, it is necessary to search below the plane of the ecliptic. Optimal variant in this case — to watch this mysterious body of the Southern Hemisphere.

Robert Harrington applies to senior management to use their powerful telescope mounted in New Zealand. Almost immediately after, he dies of a fast-flowing cancer. Even named the date of death — January 23, 1993. This was a sad event followed the unexpected death from cancer a few NASA officials, and various accidents killing both active and laid off workers in various departments, in one way or another connected with the study of "Planet X".

Conclusion is that top government ranks want to hide the truth from the people of the planet Nibiru. Hands of employees of the "National Security Agency" destroys all honest and decent citizens who are willing to shell out to the public a true facts that shed light on the true state of affairs. These upright, crystal clear people want to warn the world of impending global catastrophe, but dark forces ruthlessly destroying them.

Happy only that completely degraded and morally corrupt employees "National Security Agency" is not smart enough to kill hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers, which is free and independent, almost all over the world can watch the sinister planet Nibiru in their telescopes.

Well, frankly gladden shortsightedness and even outright stupidity black forces, address the other issues that are directly related to the planet Nibiru.

First of all I would like to have an idea of the distant outer world from which periodically appears Nibiru. No coherent, science-based theories about this. There are only hypotheses, conjectures and assumptions. Principal among them indicates that Nibiru is not a planet of the solar system.

It revolves around a brown (or brown) dwarf. This category includes space objects which by its size is much smaller than stars. These depths are thermonuclear reactions, but the cost of energy by radiation are not compensated. Brown dwarfs cool down very quickly and turn into ordinary planet. In the Milky Way, there are a great many, it is not surprising that Nibiru chose this environment.

Except for the "Planet X", in this system there are six such space objects. Five of them — small planet. The sixth in mass corresponds exactly to the mass of the Earth. On it there is a similar earthly life, and, of course, an advanced civilization. It is represented by those very Anunaki of Sumerian mythology.

The very same planet Nibiru lifeless desert and revolves around a brown dwarf at a very eccentric orbit. Due to such characteristics, Anunaki use it as an interplanetary spaceship, for their long journeys across the expanses of the universe.

By the way, guys well settled. Clearly only one thing: if Nibiru is four times the size of Earth, the planet's gravity makes it impossible to stay on the surface of all living things. As Anunaki settle the question — a mystery. Perhaps, after all, it would be much easier to construct a normal and a good big spaceship. But is it possible to judge the affairs earthlings who once gave them life, mind and intellect.
Nibiru's orbit

It is also unclear why Nibiru invading the solar system and performing in her various outrages, persistently returns to the brown dwarf. The fact that the mass of the space education is on average only 0,012-0,08 with yellow stars. Sun is precisely such a yellow star, respectively, and its gravitational effect is many times greater than the gravitational pull of a brown dwarf.

But the mysterious planet, completely ignoring all the natural laws of the universe, does not remain in the solar system, and somehow manages to slip away into a dull and semi-native element again and take the appropriate position among his six brothers.

In short, in this theory, many uncertainties. There is another version of the truth. According to her, she seems Nibiru brown dwarf, is the twelfth time in the solar system. Around the Sun is weak light rotates at a very elongated orbit that passes between Mars and Jupiter.

Regular time brown dwarf spends vast space, but once in 3,600 years it appears as clear sunshine in their hearth and home. He unceremoniously wedged between Mars and Jupiter, has a legitimate place in its orbit and for a time moving around the Sun in the solar system.

Almost brief account of his brothers and sisters, Nibiru goes into space and is lost in a dark abyss. Where, why, and why flies brown dwarf — this is not the answer. But there is no answer to the question of how the fading star can overcome the gravitational influence of the sun for millions of years. After all, it is no secret that the main characteristic of a highly elliptical orbit is their extreme volatility.

Logically, "Planet X" was a long time ago, or take a more compact circular orbit around a yellow dwarf, or get lost in space, once in the zone of influence of another star. However, there is no such thing as not observed at the time the Sumerians and the absence of life on the surface of Nibiru. But how could Anunaki down to Earth from the space object that unfortunate if a brown dwarf is not suitable not only for the highly organized life, but even for the existence of its most primitive and protozoa.

Despite everything, the adherents of Nibiru are trying to find evidence to support its presence in space. So in February 2000, at the farthest frontiers of the solar system, French astronomers has discovered a huge and very bright comet. We are talking about a comet in 2000 CR/105. Distance up 7.9 billion miles, and the orbit is very elongated. Core size of this cosmic body exceeds 400 km.

Professionals interested in the comet as an object mysteriously deviating from the planned trajectory. It has been suggested that this deviation is a result of the 2000 CR/105 some unknown planet revolving around the sun in a very distant orbit. The estimated distance to it 10 billion km, and in size it more than the moon, but smaller than Mars.

, The supposed planet Nibiru may be hypothetical — the conversation did not go. But, as they say, there is a will — the rest will follow. Immediately there was a categorical statement that the invisible object is a large "Planet X". But these, as yet undiscovered planet must be a great many in the same Kuiper belt. Their appearance on the map of the solar system — a matter of time. They all revolve in orbits around a distant sun billions of years and never wedged between Mars and Jupiter.

The excitement raised around the planet Nibiru, has spawned a galaxy of professional researchers and amateur astronomers are carefully and scrupulously seek huge object in space, inexorably approaching the solar system.

This task is very difficult and complicated. In the vast space shine billions of stars move in their orbits the planet flicker asteroids. Eternal life is the endless cosmos, in all its diversity, appears before the eyes of those who are doomed to such a difficult and time-consuming affair.

At great distances from our solar system are vast ocean of stars. On Earth, they are seen as small nebula that inexperience or carelessness may well be taken as a separate planet. One of these nebulae, for sufficiently rich imagination, always really qualify as Nibiru, which moves inexorably toward the blue planet.

Today, scrutinizes all trans-Neptunian objects. Under them means the world, which are located beyond Neptune in the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud. Now we know 11 such objects with diameters greater than 800 km, but none of them is Nibiru.

At the beginning of 2009, scrupulously inspected 50% of the sky. At a distance of 22 billion 440 million km from the Sun there are no objects in the larger diameter of 1,500 km. At a distance of 44 billion 880 million km from the Sun is observed cosmic bodies the size of Mars and Jupiter planets equal does not exist on the space in 1000 astronomical units (1 a., Is equal to 149.6 million kilometers).

The size of the orbit of Nibiru is easily calculated, knowing the period of its rotation, which is claimed equals 3,600 Earth years. Semi-major axis (the average distance of a celestial body of focus) this orbit should be 35 billion 156 million km. But "Planet X" is four times the size of Earth, that is, is a huge space object, none of which, as already noted, there is no closer than 45 billion kilometers. from the Sun.

No harm will also say that in 1989, the NASA spacecraft "Voyager 2" was close to Neptune at a distance of 48 thousand kilometers from the surface of the unit collected data is transmitted to the ground. Process them, and determined that the mass of the gas giant was calculated incorrectly. It counted, and it decreased by 0.5%. After these calculations, all the inconsistencies in the gravitational influence of Neptune on Uranus disappeared.

Despite everything, all the winds of evil, mysterious planet Nibiru stubbornly continues to visit in dreams and reality of his most ardent supporters. With a twinkle in the eyes of the unwell, they categorically state that is 21/12/2012, this space object as it emerges from the ground, passing through the plane of the ecliptic, and shine as a bright red star in the sky as a second sun in the eyes of the shocked humanity. This will entail a terrible disasters and the loss of 70% of the blue planet.

But how could so accurately calculate the date? Why not, say, a year or 16.04.2014 05.07.2016 year. These figures are just as good, but for some reason chose a gloomy December day, even on Christmas. The answer is quite simple and prosaic. In 1960, in southern Mexico, found a fragment of a stone Mayan calendar. The last date on it — 23.12.2012 year. For some reason, found the calendar is associated with Bolon Yokte Ku — the god of war and rebirth.

Time passed, struck up this whole mess with the "Planet X" and someone remembered that the Mayans determined the existence of the universe in the great cycles. Today ends the fifth cycle and fifth Sun (Sun Movement). There is a clear date — 23.12.2012 year. It was immediately tied to the mysterious planet Nibiru, logical reasoning that the Sumerians and Mayans Anunaki — one of Satan.

True Mayan indicate the length of each cycle in 25,800 years, and the cycle of Nibiru is 3600 years old, but who pays attention to the little things. Also, very useful, arrived different nasty accident that punctually shaking the planet the last ten years. Did not they are the first signs of weak gravitational pull of "Planet X" on our dear and beloved Mother Earth.

Maybe something there is some signs, but there is a more serious and verified scientific concept, which in the form of credible evidence and explains the cause of climate perturbations, observed recently on the blue planet.

According to proponents of this theory, all the matter in the gravitational influence of other planets in the solar system to Earth. Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, trying to knock the blue planet off course to which it moves in its orbit. In this regard, the way Mother Earth is not clearly verified and straight and thorny and tortuous. She kept it deviates to one side or the other and, as it were, "floating" in space, making its revolution around the Sun.

The core of the blue planet, with a huge mass, can not immediately respond to such oscillatory motion and timely "dump" energy, which in this case stands out. As we know from physics, the energy will not disappear, so she has to build up in the bowels of the earth. A process that takes thousands of years.

In the end, the amount of unused energy reaches a critical value, which is fully able to compete with that of the nucleus. To get rid of the harmful effects of rotating deep in the earth core begins to oscillate around its axis, trying to expend excess energy and relieve stress on the surface. This is the reason for the displacement of the magnetic poles and all the disasters that prevent human civilization exist peacefully on the earth's surface.

After some time, when the energy is dissipated, the nucleus calms down, the deviation of the magnetic poles in one direction and then the other side will stop climate normal, and earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis ordered to live long. All back to normal, leaving the souls of bad feeling experienced unrest.

This theory is quite nice and explain everything at once. The only drawback — it has no place on the planet Nibiru. But it really is not, in reality this mysterious celestial body? The main argument in favor of his acts Akkadian-Sumerian mythology. It can not be discounted. Now, at least, clearly only one thing: the 2012 "Planet X" appears in the solar system, as it does not appear contrary to the forecasts, in 1998, 2000, 2004 and 2006. Therefore, in this situation, we can only be guided by banal phrase, time will tell.

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