Nicaragua buys Russian Federation armored cars Tiger

Nicaragua buys Russian armored cars "Tiger"

Department of the Interior Nicaragua wants to purchase a batch of armored cars in Russia "Tiger'Weapons and uniforms for police special forces. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said the Minister of Internal Affairs of Nicaragua Ana Marales Masun. "For sure, it's an amazing technique. We beheld her earlier and now hear a lot about it, "- said Masun.

According to Masun, Nicaragua is also interested in sharing experiences with the Russian secret services. The lot size of armored vehicles, planned to buy, is not yet known. In the middle of May 2011 the police Uruguay signed an agreement with Russia for the supply of the party "Tigers." In addition, in the purchase of these vehicles is interested in Brazil.

Armored car "Tiger"Is capable of speeds up to 140 km per hour and is designed to carry 6-9 people or 1.2 tons of cargo depending on the version. Crew machines can lead fire of personal tools from opening hatch in the roof or through the opening armored glass in the doors and on the sides . Price 1st "Tiger" is estimated at 300 thousand dollars.

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